Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bangkok Haul + What Asian Tourists buy in Thailand? (I)

My mum and I went to Bangkok in August and we sure had a good time shopping around although the heat was unbearable! We Asians are known to shop wherever we visit (which can be good and bad). So what are some 'Must Buy' items Asians buy when other foreigners miss out? What did I buy?

Edible Goods

Non-Asian tourists might find it odd why Asian tourists all flock to supermarkets????
Hey, supermarket is the best place to go if you try to look for local yummy food to bring home.
It is clean and air con cooled making it a much more comfortable place to shop at :D
Everything is marked with price and you need not to do all the bargaining (I hate it!).
However, if you want to buy fresh fruits or dried seafood, going to food markets is a better option.

Durian ***

Thailand is known for growing quality durian and durian is one of those signature Asian flavours. If you are not sure whether you will like it, most supermarkets have free sample of dried durian you can try.
Best Place to get
- Fresh Durian : Or Tok Gor food market or any food market
- Dried Durian : Major supermarkets (Big C, Tesco Lotus etc.) and souvenir stores

Among brands we tried, Durian King is the best. Strong aroma and balanced sweetness.

All kind of South East Asian Dried Fruits!

Attap fruit, tamarind, coconut, jackfruit, long gong, mango or any dried fruit you see from supermarket is worth giving a go!!

Meat Jerky and Pork Floss

Everyone loves charcoal grilled meat jerky (sorry vegetarian / vegan :P)!! Meat jerky and pork floss have been on Asian tourists' shopping list for over two decades and they are still considered one of tourists' favourite!

There are two brands everyone buys - Ha Kee Lim Jing Hieng or (Original) Lim Jing Hieng. They were owned by the Lim family but managed by different sons.

Although it has a shorter history, Ha Kee Lim Jing Hieng is doing very well as it reformulated traditional flavours to what customers nowadays prefer and its products won quite a few awards. You can find its products mostly from its Chinatown branch and small souvenir stores.

(Original) Lim Jing Hieng is usually more accessible as supermarkets and major souvenir stores stock it regularly.

Flavoured Crispy Seaweed

The company only started in 2003 but Tao Kae Noi seaweed is now one of Asian tourists' "Must Buy" food items.
Another good brand is Triple M. Although it is less famous compared to Tao Kae Noi, I actually prefer Triple M for its stronger flavour! My favourite is grilled squid flavour <3 3="" p="">

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Bonus  -  Snacks I love!!!

<3 p="">

<3 p="">Bento Squid Snack

I have loved Bento since a little child and it is my most loved squid snack <3 p="">

Toasted Shredded Coconut

It is heavenly delicious ! This brand does the best toasted shredded coconut.
If you like coconut and happen to see this in store, just buy it and I am sure you will love it!!

Rinbee Chips Seasoned with Nori

I grabbed it at Big C and never expected it to be this good! Must try !

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