Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Product Empties / Clean-out time!

  Recently I dug into my makeup collection and tossed away some old products which I used up or I dislike.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara *Used up
I got this mascara for $10 at dutyfree. It was okay and nothing amazing.

Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes Mascara
Hugh disappointment!! I first purchased this mascara when I was in high school and I was absolutely stunned. That was the reason why I repurchased this tube and paid ~$25. I am not sure if they have reformulated the product or my expectation has changed, now I actually think it is crappy. It was very 'wet' and did nothing to lengthen or volumise my lashes :(

CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara *Used up
I did like this mascara. It didn't have the most amazing lengthening or volumizing quality, yet it did one thing - it kept the curl! That is the most important thing for my short and straight lashes. Would repurchase if I finish my backups ;)

Benefit They're Real! Mascara *Used up
It used to live in my makeup bag and I miss it! It was a decent mascara and I actually enjoyed it more when I first used it instead of after two/ three weeks (unlike most mascara). It didn't smudge easily and worked well. Luckily I still have another 2 deluxe samples received from beauty events :P

MaxFactor Max Effect Dip-In Eye Shadow
I received it as a gift of purchase and I just didn't use it. The eye shadow powder was really to coarse and didn't adhere on my eyelids well. Straight to the bin and no regrets.

MaxFactor MasterPiece Eye Shadow
I tried to use it up although it neither lasted long or worked well as a base. I prefer waterproof/ water-resistant products since my eyes are very sensitive and they water a lot. Would not repurchase.

BCL BrownLash Ex eyeliner *Used up
A decent product but it was 1. pricey and 2. could only be purchased online. I think Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner is a good substitute, therefore no repurchase.

MAC Paint Pot in Chilled On Ice *Used til unusable
Not a big fan. Very glittery and the glitter fell off after an hour onto your cheeks.
Not impressed. No repurchase.

MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study *Used til unusable
Back in the day, I used it everyday as my base and I was truly in love with it. But now Maybelline Color Tattoo and other drugstore brands produce lovely and affordable cream eye shadow. $35 for a MAC paint pot is not worthy for me anymore. No repurchase ;)

Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack *Used til unusable 
My second pot. It was dark, smooth and lovely in the first month but it simply dried up too quickly. I do prefer MAC fluidline over the Bobbi Brown one. Yet, it is unlikely I will repurchase since drugstore brands now have so much affordable and excellent options.

Natio Lip Color in Flutter
A gift of purchase. Dark mauve color did not look flattering on me. Also that cheap makeup scent really turned me off!

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Rose Passion
I love the Moisture Renew line and the neutral shades are beautiful. However, this red one really didn't work well and kept bleeding everywhere. I wear lipliner, stain or sear to prevent it from bleeding but nothing helped.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer SPF 8 in 022 Sun Bronze
Another gift of purchase *cramp* but it was way too red/ warm! I had it in my collection for 4 years and eventually decided to throw it away since I had hardly used it. 

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