Tuesday, April 08, 2014

MAC Paint Pot Bare Study* Any dupe?

  When I was at MAC counter in February and tried to get a new Painterly paint pot, I got told MAC was turning all paint pot into Pro Longwear Paint Pot. I visited the official US MAC website and YES they only carry Pro Longwear Paint Pot nowadays :( 
Besides a bit more expensive with the same volume, I am not sure if the product itself has been reformulated.

  Since my Bare Study is almost completely dried up, I have been trying all drugstore eye shadow stick/cream in these two months.

Top - MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
Champagne color with gold pearl shimmer. I used it as my base through the whole 2012 n 2013. Good staying power so I can wear it alone or as an eye shadow base.

But now I do not plan on repurchasing it when there are so many gems hiding in drugstores. 
I dislike the packaging. I scooped out my BareStudy into a light plastic container so I did not need to travel with that heavy bulky glass pot. Not to say hygiene problem, the more air exposure the product has, the quicker it dries up.

Middle - Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in 002 BulletProof Beige
Very subtle shimmery light peach. No it cannot be a dupe of Bare Study because it does not show up on my skin, however it works the best as a base. It enhances pigmentation of powder eye shadow and extends its longevity. From my experience, my eye shadow still showed up well after walking in rain and crying. Also, the product does not dry up as quick since crayon formal reduce exposure.

Bottom - Models Prefer Infinite Color Shadow Pencil in Pop The Bubbly
Very similar to Bare Study but a touch warmer. The difference is so mind on eye lid that they are almost the same :)
I love this one very much since it shares all the benefits Bare Study offered but in better packaging and more affordable price point! Recommended!

Right - Maybelline Color Tattoo in 70 Barely Branded
Light champagne with silver shimmer, similar to Bare Study but lighter. The most shimmery out of all.
It is not my favourite since the longevity is not as good as the others and it runs if you have moisture on your eyelid. I can never wear it alone or it creases in an hour or two. I have 10 color tattoo eye shadow purchased at different points and some of them had had cracks and half dried up when I bought them. Always a bit of a gamble when you try to purchase gel eyeliner / cream eye shadow in pot.

So... Is there a dupe?
there is nothing exactly the same if you just swatch the products I talked about on your hand.

Products in this kind of shade really dont look much different on eyelid one from the others. Regarding performance, Pop The Bubbly definitely outgrows Bare Study.


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