Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A few updates

1. I cant believe last time I updated this blog was September 2012! Nearly a year ago!! I have less free time after moving to my brother place. Since it is so far from everywhere but the airport, it normally takes me 40 minutes to the city and 90 minutes to my uni. It is a TORTURE. Also it is difficult to live with my brother and his wife (major problem). I cant wait to move out again!!

2. I am now a university graduate :D! how exciting it is to be a fresh man LOL planning on doing my master degree next year :)

3. I am flying back to Hong Kong on 29th August and will stay there for 5 months. Havent gone back for 4 years and I eventually get my chance to update my identity card. Need to catch up with friends and a lot of shopping <3 font="" nbsp="">

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