Tuesday, August 14, 2012

(II) MAC @ Target - Real or Fake? with photos and comparison

I got a MAC lipstick in Creme Cup (Cremesheen) from Target last week. 
Frankly, I am still not 100% certain if the one I purchased is authentic. The packaging looks alrite but the quality of lipstick itself  is terrible and I ended up returning it to Target.

Identical caps
(L - R ) Viva Glam Gaga, A Rose Romance, Angel, CremeCup

Lipstick tubes
(L - R ) Viva Glam Gaga, A Rose Romance, CremeCup

Congruous inner structure
(L) Angel   (R) CremeCup

The only inconsistency I could tell from the packaging was the label.
As MAC has a 'back to mac' program allowing customers returning 6 empty product containers in exchange for a free lipstick, all eligible items will have a tiny recyclable logo on the labels (Viva glam products wont have it though since the collection was created for Aids Fund and cant be used for B2M).
The Creme Cup label looks unlike in term of
- not having the recyclable symbol
- different font size and font style applied
- label sticker used (the sticker appeals to be much shinier)

The lipstick itself is bizarre! I twisted it up and saw the bubbles and a scratch on the side :S
It doesnt have that lovely vanilla scent which most MAC lipsticks have, instead a plastic-y, artificial chemical scent you find from cheap lipsticks (if you dont know what I mean, go to a $2 store and try one lol)

Target claimed its MAC products were genuine from local suppliers, yet I dont believe authenticity can be guaranteed considering nobody can confirm if the supplier is M.A.C or just some chinese importers (which Target got most of its products from).

Monday, August 06, 2012

(I) MAC @ Target - Real or Fake? with photos and comparison

Today I checked out the latest MAC collection @ Target. I was a bit skeptical since there was no tester available at all (though it might be temporary only). I bought a lipstick and a blush so I can compare them to the one I have at home.

Price @ Target - $24.95 (though listed $24 on Target catalogue)
RRP @ MAC counter at DJ/ Myer- @ $41

I am going to show some comparisons between authentic MAC mineralize blushes I owned and the MAC powder blush purchased from Target. None of the photo was processed with photoshop or other software.

- Brand Name
MAC mineralize blushes (top) - clear and bold font
Powder blush from Target (bottom) - finer/thinner font
 (very obvious difference if you can compare them side by side)

I do have quite high attention to detail and I actually compare the brand name stickers :P
Even the sticker used and quality is not the same.

(Left: Mineralize blush        Right: Powder blush from Target)
As you can tell easily, the plastic packaging on the right is quite poorly made and has visible imperfections.

A closer look. I dont think MAC will have such quality product sold in counter?

The labels say a lot.
Font color from the genuine one is light grey, yet the Target one uses beige.
From what I can recall, MAC always uses light grey/white but never chooses beige in font color?
Btw, Jenny wrote a post showing photos of her fake Blushbaby blush from strawberrynet (Click here to her post :]) and frankly the Target one looks very similar to her fake one!

Just let you know the blush name and bar code on the box are printed instead of labelled (though I am not sure if its relevant).

I asked a Target staff (A) if the MAC products are genuine. For sure she said yes.
Then I heard a conversation between A and another staff (B)
A: We have MAC makeup again.
B: Oh they bring it back? It's good.
A: Yeah, I think the products should be real? but somehow the price is so much cheaper than the counter.
B: (look at the price) Ah ahh ahhh, its true MAC is a good brand and should be quite expensive....
A: .......

On my mind: Meeeh even the staffs are skeptical and question if they are real -_-

I have to clarify I am not a massive fan of MAC and dont own a substantial MAC collection. If anyone loves and knows MAC products very well, welcome to leave your comments below!
I am not accusing Target selling knockoffs, who dares to challenge the big company honestly?
I just point out the inconsistency and find something to write in my blog lol
As a consumer, the best thing you can do is to go to target and try the Mac products on yourself, rather than ordering them online.

[[[Shhh. I am going to return the MAC products purchased. Skepticism :S But Im still having the lipstick post coming! Wait for it :P ]]