Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My first try - Bridal Look

My brother just got married and it inspired me to try a bridal makeup look.
To be honest I dont really know what Bridal makeup supposes to mean for most people?
But the bridal makeup/ look I like is very simple but not overloaded with makeup
- Glowing, radiant (tan) skin
- Nice brows
- False Lashes
- Pink lips (no beige/nude/red/berry!)
- French manicure
- Pearls

Im not a makeup artist and no doubt my trial was far from perfect, but it was fun and really made me feel:
Meeh having so much to do, I dont want a wedding if I get married one day 

Have a nice day every one XOXO

Monday, June 04, 2012

Cheap bright pink lipstick - Rimmel Pink Gossip

Hahaa I wrote this review this summer but forgot to publish it...
Guess it will still be perfect for those not living in Australia/ NZ :P!

It is a bright hot pink color (a slight touch of fuschia shall I say) with chunky silver shimmer.
I am really not a big fan of this lipstick. Though I always use lip balm before putting on any lipstick, the formula was way too dry and this lipstick simply does not look good on my lips. Plus silver shimmer really accentuates lip lines and I dont think any girl would appreciate it :(

However, this lipstick has good longevity. Since it is dry and waxy, it kinda stains your lips. So it might be a good thing if someone like long-lasting lipsticks. 

Very bright very eye catching. Even the formula isnt nice, its a lipstick I may use if I have a night out :)

Nail polish of the day - Butter London Fash Pack
A mushroom color (brownish grey). I find butter london nail varnishes chip quite easily :(