Thursday, January 12, 2012

Post-Christmas Sales - Collective Haul + Makeup of the day :)

I know Christmas and boxing day is long gone, but I still wanna write this post as I love haul :D!!

These are the goodies I got on Boxing day! The first thing I did was going to LUSH!! I know Lush always has 50% for christmas collection on boxing day, but I was late and most of the reduced products were gone at the time :( Fortunately I went to two different Lush and still managed to get some stuffs!
I get Snow Fairy Set every year and for sure there is no exception this year :)

I also got a pair of leather boat flats frrom Country Road for $53!!! What a bargain!
Though they are not flattering, they are the most comfortable flats Ive tried!
I also got a little bright indigo leather belt from bardot for $5. Happy happy :)

Then I went to Inglot! I love inglot and every year it offers 15% off after christmas. I got my first eye shadow palette <3 the quality is awesome and its actually really a great value considered the price and volume of the eye shadow! I bought a red lipstick and I am going to be more adventurous on trying different makeup in 2012 :)!  Though makeup brushes were excluded from discount, I still got a blending brush since a good blending brush is very hard to find!

The next stop is Priceline!!
Im in love with Garnier Anti dark circles roll-on. Its so convenient to have concealer and moisturiser in one :D! Garnier Miracle Skin perfector is not bad, I just use it as a tinted moisturizer.
Prestige lipsticks are on sale for $4.99! I am not sure whether they are going to be discontinued but I got a back up in the shade of 'Champage'!

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive - My favorite eyelash glue and I personally think its way better than DUO because the revlon one dries much quicker and its latex free!! Its on sale for $7 from priceline :D!! I got 3 at once. hehee

Swarovski crystal ($40) - its designed to be a christmas tree ornament , but I have no christmas tree at my apartment, so I might use it as a key ring or a pendant :)

hahaa. you are probably thinking why I post about baby wipes in my beauty blog. I actually use baby wipes to remove minor makeup and it works very well :) Got this value pack from Toy R us for $10! 240 wipes can last for a year!!

I am sooo glad the nail polishes I ordered from Ebay eventually arrived!!! I got quite a variety of pastel shades as I love light pastel colors <3 Nail Tek Foundation II is awesome! I love it <3

Freebies I received via mail! Im actually allegic to pantene hair products, but im willing to give it one more chance as this new line doesnt have silicone inside :)!

Barry M lip paint set from ASOS!

Makeup of the day
I used NARS Rajasthan eye shadow duo and Prestige Lipstick in Champage today.
I did not apply any foundation but suncreen so it caused minor light reflection in photograph :)

Okay, its bed time :) Good night everyone XOXO

Saturday, January 07, 2012

I Love Purple! Wet n Wild palette - 736 Petal Pusher

Couple months ago I included this palette in a collective haul, its time to do a short review of this palette :)
It is quite uneasy to find a nice drugstore purple palette and I think this wet n wild one is pretty decent and offers a variety of purple shades :) This palette is composed by 8 eyeshadow (2 matt n other are satin/shimmery)

The packaging is fairly simple - a plastic case without mirror. But the product itself is awesome :)!
The eye shadow is not finely milled and it has quite a lot of fallout. The pigmentation is fantastic! The colors come off vibrantly and appear right as they show in pan. I used a Mac paint pot as a base and the eye shadow stayed on for a whole day without creasing!

- affordable price (cheaper if you are in the US for sure)
- simple instruction
- great pigmentation
- able to create different purple eye looks
- good longevity if using a base or primer

- only available online unless u live in the us/canada
 - powdery
- packaging is frail, im sure itll crack if u drop it!!!

I took these photos around the christmas time.
heheee. Im a bit more tanned as I went to beach last monday. Luv summer <3

 The shades I used are marked on the first photo with black stars. I blended the eye shadow quite thoroughly so the overall look is quite subtle and wearable for daily basis :)

Hope everyone is having a great day! XOXO