Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lust Have It - September 2012

Just a quick post about the Lust Have It parcel I received this morning.

1. DAVROE Smooth Senses Straightening Balm 50g sample
2. SAY IT WITH SCENT Hand & Body Lotion (Green Tea Scent) 30ml sample
3. DERMALOGICA Multivitamin Power recovery masque 15ml sample
4. AVENE Cold Cream Body Lotion 10ml sample
5. MIRENESSE Icon Sealer 24hr Concealer 1.5ml sample

It also came along with some commercials from Mirenesse (including a code to join the giveaway) and Davroe (which said I could claim a free product, but the instruction is so unclear and I dont even know how to claim one :/)

As Lust Have It August box was outstanding and set the bar so high, to me, this month Lust Have It is not impressive at all. The disappointment is all the samples are either in tiny size or from unknown brands :/ I used the dermalogica masque and avene cold cream which both are soso and not exceptional.


  1. We received the exact same box! I actually thought this box was much better than the last few boxes by LHI. I was actually giving up hope and I received this box yesterday haha.


  2. aww too bad the august box was not that good hope they would include a more decent products on the next month =)

  3. I'm always so intrigued by these sample boxes. I signed up for a Birchbox earlier this month, and I think I'm still in queue. D:

  4. I read some blog posts stating August LHI box included a full-sized shiseido lipstick n bonus pearl earrings. It sounds pretty attractive to me and thats why I subscribe to it. Maybe I am just too picky and think this september box isnt impressive :/

  5. Hopefully this month birchbox will be great for you :)
    I havent tried to many different brands but I subscribed glossybox australia before, it was one of the worst service/ companies Ive known :S

  6. Ummm I am not even sure if I will keep up subscribing to them :/
    Do now like to be disappointed >:(

  7. Aww sorry to hear that the products were disappointing. I've never subscribed to these monthly boxes, but the size of these products look pretty nice. It's a sham the unknown brands didn't deliver >< Does this box usually just send more skincare products rather than makeup?

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  8. aww I hope you get better products next time. :)


  9. Not too bad ^^ but I think it can be better ;S I don't have twitter~~but instagram xd

  10. I got that Dermalogica masque once in a beauty box. I quite like it :D