Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hollyannaeree Inspired Look

Hollyannaeree is one of my favorite youtube gurus and her Peek of Peacock is the most beautiful look/tutorial she has done (in my opinion).
I tried to imitate her look and I love it. As blue isnt really my thing, I toned down the color and my version is not as sharp as the Holly's one.

Just realized the importance of tightlining! 

False lashes really bring life to this look!

What's on my nails - GlamNails Nail Enamel (Miss Independent)
A lovely metallic purple with silver shimmers. Im impressed by its quality and unquestionably 'made in france' is quite a bonus :P


  1. I like Hollyannaeree too!! she's so pretty and her videos are great, right ? ;)
    you did a good job doing the inspired look , btw! and I love your purple nails <3

  2. Hollyannaeree is super gorgeous!! I love the way she do her makeup and her honest reviews on products =) I think you did great on recreating the look! Pretty ^_~