Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anyone is going to IMATS Sydney this year!?

I just realized IMATS Sydney is held on 29th and 30th this month :O
OMG it is happening sooo soon and I really want to go this year.
Just wondering if anyone is going as well?
Leave a comment and maybe we can hang out sometime :)


  1. I am! Btw, last time I was at Melb I saw you at Mecca Cosmetica at Doncaster, I didn't wanna say hi cause you were with a friend or someone and didn't want to seem like a stalker LOL. This was like sometime in June LOL.

  2. I am thinking of it!! You should definitely message me - nralph@live.com . Twitter: @NicoleRalphh

  3. emailed you already :) and i just followed ur twitter as well!

  4. Did you!? ohh its pity coz I would love to meet you and chat :)
    What time/ date you are going? Maybe we can go and hang out sometime :)!