Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My first try - Bridal Look

My brother just got married and it inspired me to try a bridal makeup look.
To be honest I dont really know what Bridal makeup supposes to mean for most people?
But the bridal makeup/ look I like is very simple but not overloaded with makeup
- Glowing, radiant (tan) skin
- Nice brows
- False Lashes
- Pink lips (no beige/nude/red/berry!)
- French manicure
- Pearls

Im not a makeup artist and no doubt my trial was far from perfect, but it was fun and really made me feel:
Meeh having so much to do, I dont want a wedding if I get married one day 

Have a nice day every one XOXO


  1. You definitely achieved the simplistic bridal look. I think it's all about keeping it simple and natural. :) Love your nails! I can never get my tips right & even with tape it gets messy so I cbbed :( 

  2. I really like this look:) I hope we can follow each other? I am over at

  3. Looks really pretty! Natural but flawless :)

  4. I agree with you, when it comes to bridal look then a simple and elegant look is best. This is a very lovely look and you look beautiful Denise. x 

  5. I like it! It's really simple, natural and clean and super pretty :D
    When I think bridal makeup, the first thing that pops into my mind is radian skin (for some reason xD)

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  7. Very pretty look! :}
    Love the french mani too~~

  8. A very pretty wedding look! I agree that glowing skin and a simple and naturally pretty make-up look is the way to go :)

  9. This is really nice look! Simple but not boring:)

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  10. You look incredible! :) I love bridal looks a lot!!

  11. pretty makeup :) i think bridal makeup is all about long lasting makeup. you relaly have to buy products that can stand sweat and pretty much the whole day/night lol. 

  12. This is such a pretty look. I think bridal makeup to me is all about enhancing natural beauty and not over the top. Glowing skin and radiant complexion is a must!! It also has to be able to stay on all day and be waterproof too. 

  13. aw you look so pretty! love the look, and your mani looks great! x

  14. Very pretty, simple but classy! :D  whaat, of course you'd want a wedding! They're so much fun!