Sunday, April 08, 2012

Overrated Products

The best thing about internet is everyone being able to share his/her comment. I used to follow very closely on popular products on internet, yet I find they don't always work as good as what they are raved about. Here are some products I think they work alright but not magically fantastic.

1. Clinique 3-step
I am glad that Clinique is generous on giving out samples, so I know its products do not work for me.
The clarifying lotion 2 (toner) has high content of alcohol and it is way too strong and irritating for my skin.
The dramatically different moisturizing lotion is even worse. It didnt really bring hydration but broke my skin out. From what I know, the only products can do that are this clinique moisturizer and olay total effects (which belonged to my mum actually but i used it once , my own fault lol).

2. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
 I dont mean Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is a bad product. However, considering that it costs $85 in Australia, I just dont think the product is impressive enough to justify its exorbitant price. I am lucky to purchase this item from a blog sale, but i will not buy it again if i need to pay the full price.

3. Laura Geller Balance-and-Brighten
Emilynoel83 (my favorite youtuber ever!) raved about this product and I was sooo tempted. Spending so much extra to get it shipped from the US, I think this product is just alright. As it is a baked powder, every pan varies. Neither the color suits me well nor it gives amazingly flawless finish/ high coverage. I think it looks kinda cakey on my dry skin and I wont consider to repurchase it.

3. Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment 
I purchased it from and it was the smallest size available (30ml). Since last year, this kind of hair treatment oil has gotten a lot of raves. Moroccan oil and Macadamia oil are the most popular ones.
I would not have bought it if the company had listed the ingredient list on the website. This product does contain argan oil and other natural oil but also a lot of chemicals, which make your hair appear very nice and shiny but not nourish your hair as well and direct as natural products can. First, I do not like hair products with silicones in general (though a small amount is acceptable). Second, this little bottle cost $12 and I just dont think its worth it X_X

Though these products do not really surprise me or make miracles, I will try to finish them and not waste my money :p


  1. :O i thought clinique was good! but i guess it depends on different skin types hey.
    and i agree. the shimmer bricks are waaaay overpriced here and i dont think it's worth $85 =/

  2. Bobbi Brown 
     Shimmer Brick looks good but expensive >< I would rather buy Canmake

  3. Oh my, the bobbi brown is super expensive. You can get similar shimmer brick with just a fraction of Bobbi's price...

  4. yes the baked powder foundation is talked about a lot on you tube so i bought works alright i find it doesn't last all day on my face though and every pan is different. I do use it to finish my face but if im in a rush and cannot match my foundation with my fake tan that day i put this baby on and it matches almost all my brands i just have a hard time with the staying power

  5. The only products I've used here are the first 2 Clinique ones. I actually liked the toner, but never touched the moisturiser after rubbing it onto my hand first. The yellow colour is unappealing and only amplifies a 'greasy' impression. I was too scared it'd break me out so I've still got a bottle and sample of it sitting on my dresser~
    Oh, I used my grandma's Olay total effects for a few weeks - I loved it! Really hydrating and gentle. When I start worrying about wrinkles I'll be sure to go back to it :)

  6. I tried Clinique Dramatically Different and was very disappointed. 

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  7. snap! i actually really liked the bobbibrown shimmer brick. guess it also depends on your skintone and applicationstyle?

  8. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to hear that the shimmer brick is overpriced lol I'm glad I never bought it though I was really close, it's just so pricey and I would probably only use it in the summer, maybe Christmas and even then not everyday. I want to get the nars illuminizer now hahaha so bad =(

  9. I agree with everything, especially with the Clinique 3-step!

  10. The Clinique products you talked about are TERRIBLE, I do not know how they are still on the market! Like you said the clarifying lotion is wayyy to strong and has too much alcohol. I felt like my skin was burning when I tried it.

    Great blog keep it up! :)

  11. The Clinique products are TERRIBLE, the clarifying lotion burned my skin. I agree with you that the alcohol content is way to high.
    Great blog, keep it up!

  12. I tried but it showed " blog has been removed" >_<

    and yes, thats an expensive moisturizer but doesnt do anything for me i feel lol
    completely understood your disappointment

  13. I do like it but I just cant justify to pay $85 for that :)

  14. It will be good if you can find a good deal with cheaper price while Christmas sale :)
    Nars illuminizer? I have albatross and I love that stuff <3!

  15. i have not tried any of these products!

  16. Love design, amazing blog :) If you want to follow each other...just tell me:X

  17. I can't believe the BB Shimmer brick was 85AUD?!  I have never felt the urge to buy it.. and I did feel that it's a overrated product.. thanks for confirming this!

  18. Hey! Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. That's a shame the Clinique's Lotion broke you out - it goes to show everyone different. I get so disappointed when a product that has been raved about so much does nothing for me :(