Monday, February 20, 2012

I hate GlossyBox .\_/. not dislike but HATE!

Carmex, Elf, nail file, proactiv cleanser sample, an unknown brand lip balm

Sheer cover lip color and a moisturizer sample, nivea sample, ultraceuticals moisturizer sample, kosmea cleanser sample

Things I dislike

Product I received:
What I received in the last three months were nivea sample, auscreen sample, elf (from $1 line in the US), nail file, carmex etc, which are basically all drugstore brands. I know very few lucky people received bobbi brown and estee lauder samples but most people did not :/ I just don't think it offers much value.

Every time I was the last group to receive glossybox. Endless waiting. Meanwhile, I remember in my first subscription, Glossybox sent me five/six tracking numbers but in fact none of those were actually related to my parcel. No tracking number was provided for my January and February glossybox :/

Little card:
Every box comes with a card introducing products included in the box. Once they put a wrong card which was not about products in my box). Also, I noticed couple spelling mistakes on the february card :/ 

Things I hate

Missed out my order:
GlossyBox said they would send all beauty boxes earlier in February in order for subscribers to receive their boxes before valentine's day. I was waiting for a week and still didnt get any my parcel/ tracking number. I emailed Glossybox and their reply was that they mistakenly put my information in a wrong file blahblahblah. Saved some BS, they just forgot to/didnt send my glossybox out. 
I asked for a refund instead (it was 17Feb already and I was the last on earth who still hadnt received the subscription), they just emailed back real late and said they had just sent it out :/ WTF

Same product:
If you read my post before, you might know I dislike the carmex lip balm from december glossybox. It really bugged me when I received the same product is in february glossybox, Again :/ SUCKS

Basically my experience of subscribing Glossybox is really unpleasant, I genuinely do not recommend this subscription service provider :/
It is great if you received decent products and enjoy your Glossybox. But in the past three months, all I felt was disappointment and I  will not subscribe Glossybox again.


  1. Me toooooooooo! So glad someone feels the same way I do :/

  2. At first I thought this was one of the best box around so when I learned that they were coming to Canada, I could not wait to try it out, but I was insanely disappointed. I'm not a fan of this concept anyway but sometimes, some boxes are worst than the others...

  3. Omgsh that's terrible :( It's so bad that you have a bad experience with them!

    They should really keep track of what they send out to people!!

  4. Just updated the post with the reasons of my antipathy :)

  5. Ive cancelled my subscription. its no point to spend money on bad products :/

  6. Emailed them before but they just said Glossybox was designed for ppl to try out different beauty samples blahblahblah
    Basically no solution or effort to improve :/

  7. Unfortunately I got ' relatively worse boxes' thrice :'(
    After trying glossybox, I think this concept/service doesnt really suit me
    I prefer spending money on products Im interested in, rather than receiving random samples which I may never wanna use

  8. Sounds like a terrible experience! Although the concept is really cool, it doesn't seem they've got the resources to give customers a better range of products~

  9. your glossybox looks pretty nice! ours here in germany has suck ;/
    btw thank you for your comment on my blog, I'm following yours ;) nice bog!

  10. wow yeah that's pretty bad, and you're right ELF is only $1, i was lucky that they sent me good samples for Glossy box so I don't feel so ripped off, perhaps its also a country thing cuz they just started in canada so want a good rep (so put in better stuff)? regardless theres no excuse for giving you wrong tracking num and wrong info sheet!!

  11. Aww, too bad that you didn't enjoy it >_< It doesn't sound too good to me ~ 

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  13. yeah, i think this months glossybox sucks.

    sometimes they're good with really expensive products, but sumtimes, tehy do really sucks !

  14. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! Yeah, it's not cool that you only end up getting low-end products, I mean, that defeats the purpose of subscribing to a sample service, right? You should be entitled to get stuff that you normally wouldn't be able to get at your local drugstore.

    It's a shame, but there are plenty of services out there that offer better samples (methinks!). ^~^

  15. It's a shame you got products you didn't like :( 
    But there are plenty more other beauty subscriptions out there :) !

  16. omg that's terrible! I've heard some really bad things about Glossy Box. That's why I didn't sign up to it. I signed up to Lust Have It and the Feb box wasn't too bad :D

  17. Oh no, that's terrible! Thanks for sharing.

  18. omg that really sucks! Doesn't look appealing at all =(

  19.  The whole point of subscribing to a sample service is to try things at a low cost so you don't have to buy a full priced item to see if it works for you or not. The samples could have been better but I'm glad I also got the Proactiv because I feel like everyone with acne-prone skin should try since it's one of the most hyped up acne lines.

  20. I know bellabox had silver lip tattoos last month and some other really bad products. I'm gonna stick with glossybox for a while longer because I feel like i've used everything i've received.

  21. I think it is fair that everyone subscribing/subscribed to glossybox has different perception/acceptance on products received.speaking of my experience, I think the things really pissed me off are the late shipment and even missed out my subscription.