Monday, February 27, 2012

Barry M Lip Paint - 147 Peachy Pink

Price: 4.5 pounds
Purchased from:

I had gone online to look for swatches before I bought it, but it is still different from what I expected. Though this shade is called 'Peachy Pink', I would rather describe it as a pastel/light salmon peach which I can barely notice there is any element of pink. 

Formula of this lip paint is not remarkable. It is quite dry and accentuates your lip lines, so moisturizing your lips is a must prior to application. It is also tricky what lip balm you use. I found that using lip balm with high oil/vaseline content makes the lip paint appeal thick and a bit patchy on lips (make sense to anyone?), which I have the same problem with NYX round lipsticks. Hence, choosing a right lip balm definitely helps. Pigmentation of the lip paint is great though :)! Longevity is never my concern and I always prepare to re-apply lip products throughout the day.

I only have a few orange tone lip products, I quite enjoy using this lip paint and would recommend it, considering the price is affordable and pigmentation is fantastic.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I hate GlossyBox .\_/. not dislike but HATE!

Carmex, Elf, nail file, proactiv cleanser sample, an unknown brand lip balm

Sheer cover lip color and a moisturizer sample, nivea sample, ultraceuticals moisturizer sample, kosmea cleanser sample

Things I dislike

Product I received:
What I received in the last three months were nivea sample, auscreen sample, elf (from $1 line in the US), nail file, carmex etc, which are basically all drugstore brands. I know very few lucky people received bobbi brown and estee lauder samples but most people did not :/ I just don't think it offers much value.

Every time I was the last group to receive glossybox. Endless waiting. Meanwhile, I remember in my first subscription, Glossybox sent me five/six tracking numbers but in fact none of those were actually related to my parcel. No tracking number was provided for my January and February glossybox :/

Little card:
Every box comes with a card introducing products included in the box. Once they put a wrong card which was not about products in my box). Also, I noticed couple spelling mistakes on the february card :/ 

Things I hate

Missed out my order:
GlossyBox said they would send all beauty boxes earlier in February in order for subscribers to receive their boxes before valentine's day. I was waiting for a week and still didnt get any my parcel/ tracking number. I emailed Glossybox and their reply was that they mistakenly put my information in a wrong file blahblahblah. Saved some BS, they just forgot to/didnt send my glossybox out. 
I asked for a refund instead (it was 17Feb already and I was the last on earth who still hadnt received the subscription), they just emailed back real late and said they had just sent it out :/ WTF

Same product:
If you read my post before, you might know I dislike the carmex lip balm from december glossybox. It really bugged me when I received the same product is in february glossybox, Again :/ SUCKS

Basically my experience of subscribing Glossybox is really unpleasant, I genuinely do not recommend this subscription service provider :/
It is great if you received decent products and enjoy your Glossybox. But in the past three months, all I felt was disappointment and I  will not subscribe Glossybox again.