Saturday, January 07, 2012

I Love Purple! Wet n Wild palette - 736 Petal Pusher

Couple months ago I included this palette in a collective haul, its time to do a short review of this palette :)
It is quite uneasy to find a nice drugstore purple palette and I think this wet n wild one is pretty decent and offers a variety of purple shades :) This palette is composed by 8 eyeshadow (2 matt n other are satin/shimmery)

The packaging is fairly simple - a plastic case without mirror. But the product itself is awesome :)!
The eye shadow is not finely milled and it has quite a lot of fallout. The pigmentation is fantastic! The colors come off vibrantly and appear right as they show in pan. I used a Mac paint pot as a base and the eye shadow stayed on for a whole day without creasing!

- affordable price (cheaper if you are in the US for sure)
- simple instruction
- great pigmentation
- able to create different purple eye looks
- good longevity if using a base or primer

- only available online unless u live in the us/canada
 - powdery
- packaging is frail, im sure itll crack if u drop it!!!

I took these photos around the christmas time.
heheee. Im a bit more tanned as I went to beach last monday. Luv summer <3

 The shades I used are marked on the first photo with black stars. I blended the eye shadow quite thoroughly so the overall look is quite subtle and wearable for daily basis :)

Hope everyone is having a great day! XOXO


  1. I really love how the palette tells you the colours to use where on your eyes hehe~ I love your make up! <3 So pretty~ ^o^

  2. ^ agree with yoyo, i really love how they show you where to apply them! The color is really amazing thou, and you look amazing~~ <3

  3. You look so lovely! Purple really suits you!

  4. You have flawless skin ;O That palette looks nice! I can't find anywhere to purchase Wet n Wild products. I ordered from their online website about 2 years ago but the website is no longer available. Sobs.

  5. Pretty!! I like the palette too...But we don't have it here at our country. Anyway, new followers! Visit my site too. :)


  6. You look so pretty! I love the WnW palettes - such a great value for the product :) The glittery purple color on the bottom right is really pretty!

  7. Yoyo: yeah its cool though i never really follow it :P

    ♥Bunny♥: thank you dear bunny <3 I love purple though im more tan n it doesnt show up that well now >_<

    PinkOrchids: you are so sweet <3 thank you

    Bunny: another bunny visited my blog XD hahaa, i dont have flawless skin but spf kinda reflects the light and fabricates it :P

  8. slowbrogal: Its not available in australia either, I just got it on Ebay :)

    Rinny: Give me five! that dark purple is actually brilliant! the most pigmented out of all as well!

  9. The palette looks pretty and you did a great job with it! Love this burgundy smokey :)

  10. i adore your lashes!

  11. Nice makeup :) Love the way you put on your eyeshadow - like how its slightly darker in the cornes ~ really nice!!

    J <3