Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Collective Haul (II)

November was definitely a crazy month for me and school work really exhausted me.
But this semester is eventually over and its time for another haul =D

ASOS is one of my favorite sites to browse on even though its server seems quite unstable lately.
I purchased a set of stila lip glazes and also a NARS blush trio. Yeah! my first NARS product (: It includes Organsm, Albatross and Laguna which are the best selling shades of NARS. I do like the trio very much and its a really good buy.

Another purchase from ASOS - I have lower ambition this time.
RIMMEL Lasting Finish 25 hours - It is emilynoel83's favorite foundation and Im interested to know how good it is (: ! It is interesting that a majority of drugstore foundations sold in europe/asia come in glass bottle and pump but not in America, e.g. this Rimmel one, maybelline foundations etc.
Barry M Lip glosses and lip stick, the shades are beautiful and Im planning to write a blog post devoting into Barry M lip products (: is a website I discovered recently and I recommend it to you girls!
Even though it doesnt have a wide selection of products, delivery is highly efficient (I received my parcel in about 7 days) and gift wrapping is available for selected products. 
I got my Garnier soothing toner, which is my favorite toner, a Lancome lipstick and foundation as well as a Maybelline superstay foundation. Happy happy (:

Last but not least, my little purchase from Beauty in the sky! Her business card is really lovely.
I got a Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick in Bronze as well as Guerlain eye shadow quad.

I know Black Friday and Cyber monday was just over. Happy shopping everyone (:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Collective Haul (I)

Long time no see =D hehe, I know I disappeared for  months but I actually still havent finished my exam yet *cry* I cant wait n wanna share with u what I got in a month. 
(I just spent way too much and IM SOOOO BROKE now :(  haha )

yeah, I eventually got an iphone 4S. I needa be honest - Iphone is 100x better than HTC. 
Better camera, shorter time to fully charge the battery, higher sensitivity in typing.
Im really happy with it n I dont think any other cellphone could attract me in short term =)!

I also had a little haul from, I didnt get much but these stuffs actually cost me over $75 :S
Though Im never a fan of paper mask, my skin just gets a bit 'dry lately and needs some hydration. I used My beauty Diary masks before and didnt see much result, hopefully Ill have better luck with these two brands =)
And I found EOS lip balm on SASA. How exciting it is!

I love Ebay! Living in Australia means having little choices in products and suffering from high RRP n high tax, so Im pretty used to going on Ebay and get products with wide selection n mostly relatively low price* I just received two parcels, and more are on the way =)

let start off with the good one
Wet n Wild Color Icon 8 Eye shadows palettes

I paid US$9 for each palette and $5.5 for combined shipping. Sometime sellers on Ebay charge an exorbitant amount for shipping and its really annoying! But I know this seller didnt earn a penny from shipping coz the stamp showed the fee was actually US$6.5 which was even higher than what I paid her :S And the delivery was fast, it only took about 4 to 5 days! A+!

The palettes were securely wrapped n arrived safely. These eye shadows really conduct excellent pigmentation and I hugely love the 738 COMFORT ZONE <3 the color combination is versatile, you wont mess up even if you just pick 3 random colors n use them. I wholeheartedly recommend this seller n the palettes <3 hehe

The Bad One
From: Jenjen12jen
First, the seller was not really nice =( As I purchased multiple items, I sent an email n asked her to combine shipping fees for me (coz somehow ebay didnt adjust the shipping fee automatically). She didnt even check what I purchased n just replied quite discourteously. That didnt give me a very good impression but I thought 'I do not care about much CS as long as the products are good'.

I received some eye shadows and they are good =) But I had some issues with the lipstick
The product was listed as a brand new item but I suppose you can tell from photo it is obviously USED!!!!
Her page didnt state any return policy or information. Considering it only cost $4 plus most sellers require buyers to pay for delivery fee if exchange/ return products, I didnt ask for exchange and only left a negative feedback on Ebay.
ok, I kinda understand reputation is fairly important for sellers, then she sent me another one
"I might have chipped/ smudged it when checking it"
Thats the part really driving me nuts. I guess you wont draw the product on ur lips while checking, right? But the lipstick I received has lip lines on it? I swear to god that it had been used by sb before I received it. There is no reason for me to weaver a lie coz I have no intention to ask for refunds.
As a customer, I could have understood n accepted it if she just told me that she sent a wrong/used product to me accidentally. 
I just hate to be treated as if Im making troubles n inconsiderate. Now Im sure I will never purchase anything from her in future.