Monday, July 18, 2011

Ebay (I) - 88 and 120 Eye shadow palettes

Shopping online is like playing a treasure hunt game. Until you actually receive the product, you never know what it will be - a gem or a crap. This post is dedicated to the multiple-eye-shadow palettes I got from eBay currently. I LOVE the 88 eye shadow palette but absolutely DISLIKE the 120 one 

88 Color shimmer eye shadow palette
Purchased from: eachdesk
Price: US$13.99
The packaging is fairly simple, just a black case with glossy surface, and it attracts fingerprints ~_~

The shades are really beautiful. The only thing I hope was to have more blue or purple shades, but the blues in this palette are lovely =) Each eye shadow pan is about the size of a 50 cent, if you have certain colors you love, they might be used up soon. But I think this kind of multiple eye shadow palette is a cheap and good way to experiment different eye makeup looks and shades. When you figure out what colors and tones suit you, you can always go to invest on MAC/ Inglot eye shadow.

Every shade has fairly good pigmentation and you need not to worry of lack of intensity =) The shimmer is really obvious and even frosty!
Some people complain that the eye shadow is quite chalky. I think the light shades (e.g. the pink) have more fallout where the darker shades are better. However, this palette merely costs $13.99, you should not expect every shade to have the MAC quality, right?
As long as you dont drop the palette, the eye shadow will not break for no reason.
Yet it is done if you drop it =P

@@ For the price of $13.99, this palette is great! It offers a good variety of colors and excellent pigmentation. If you have not gotten any multi-eyeshadow palette, I do recommend this palette (especially for people living outside US and having difficulties of getting coastal scents).


88 Color shimmer eye shadow palette
Purchased from: Tomtop_auction
Price: US$12.00

I absolutely dislike this palette! When I opened the parcel, the case had already had couple places broken. OK, it is shipped from china so it might be forgivable. But WTF? why it has"MAC Professional Make Up" on? From the packaging, I can tell that its a complete knock-off which is not even close to the quality of any coastal scents/ BH cosmetics.

The size of each eye shadow pan is same the 88 color palette one. Most of the eye shadows are matte but couples are shimmering. The pigmentation is awful regardless you use a brush, sponge tip applicator or finger You might see some little scratch marks on some of the eye shadows, because I tried to use a spatula to scoop out the eye shadow. I thought the eye shadow would show up better if it was loose. Yet, I was wrong. This palette is a totally hopeless case. Only 10 eye shadow (out of 120!) has acceptable pigmentation.

Here is a swatch for couple eye shadows .
 Besides the light blue, the other three barely show up.

I ordered 3 items, the hat is lovely and I do like it.
The second item, this palette, has a broken case and pathetic quality.
Another item I ordered has never arrived. 
They asked me to wait a few more weeks but when I lost my patience, it was too late for me to leave a negative comment. Sucks! I will never purchase anything from this seller!