Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My December Glossy Box

Eventually I received my first Glossy Box. Equivalent to Birchbox(US/UK), Bellabox (AUS) and Lust have it (AUS), Glossy Box provides monthly subscription service on beauty product samples for AUS $14.95 a month.  After reading Tezza's blog post about her November Glossy Box, I made a subscription to Glossy Box instantly.

Somehow my Glossy Box arrived on 23th Dec which was really late and most people received theirs a week prior :( Meanwhile I received 5 to 6 tracking numbers from Glossy Box via email, yet in fact none were valid and related to my subscription :O It left me worry for a whole week :(
I had quite a high expectation. I saw some bloggers received Sally Hansen Mega Shine, Gorgeous lip pencil etc. The moment I opened mine, I experienced a slight disappointment

Let see what were in the box:
1. Auscreen SPF 30+ Everyday Lotion (15ml sample size) - a drugstore brand sunscreen, the small tube size is handy to be carried in handbag :) Sun is fierce in Australia and sun protection is a must!

2. Carmex Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 15 - another drugstore product, Carmex lip balms are well-known as giving pure hydration. I only hope this product is unscented. We'll see hahaa

3. John Frieda Frizz Ease Finishing Cream (30ml sample size)

4. Bed Head Manipulator (57ml full size) - I honestly wont use this product as I have no interest to make my hair ""spike, twist dreads or go punky"" LOL

5. Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer (7ml sample size) - Im glad to receive this product as I do enjoy using Clinique moisturizer :)

6. Clinique In-store offer for a 7 days supply of foundation sample - I went to Myer and DJ in the city, the staffs said they never saw it before and refused to redeem a sample for me :/  Fortunately, a nice guy in Chadstone Myer said the same thing but kindly gave me some sample to try out :) hahaa

7. A broken candy cane :(

I was kinda upset I didnt get a Sally Hansen Mega Shine, Gorgeous lip pencil or a perfume sample, instead I received two drugstore products :( I know I probably shouldnt expect to have all the good things?
I am still hesitating whether subscribe to the next month Glossy Box. For sure it is quite economical to receive products with greater values you paid for. Nonetheless, it is also a waste to pay and receive products not suitable for you.
Mmmm, dilemma


  1. You brought up a good point here. I live in the US and have yet to sign up for Birchbox or anything like that because I don't need to try everything out there. It is a really cool concept but can truly be a waste of money. I would rather go out, buy and try one thing at a time. Some products like skincare, it can be hard to tell how good it works unless you use for 2 weeks or longer to see the results and with sample size it won't last more than a few times.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  2. I've never tried any of these beauty subscriptions because I hear mixed reviews about them... hopefully your next experience will be much better? Cutest blog, btw!

  3. aw i wanted the sally hansen too! :( that was one of the reasons i signed up for it

    i actually unsubscribed though...cos i agree it can be disappointing and its not worth it really haha tbh

    aw your candy cane broke! :(

  4. I understand your disappointment. I cannot believe they sent you carmex!!

  5. looks like some nice stuff, bed head products are always good I find and love Clinique!

  6. whoops pressed send too soon.. but ya sally hansen would have been nice... I guess that's what you get for random boxes instead of picking out your own :(

  7. Hopefully you'll get a better box next month :) But there are quite a few decently sized products, and full size Bed Head is always good :D

  8. You'll probably be receiving a better box in the near future! I have always wanted to subscribe myself to one of these programs but just never found one suitable for me.

  9. Ahh that's always the case isn't it. It sucks to get products that you would never use/not really worth what you paid :( the candy cane was a cute idea though haha

  10. This was much better than the December BirchBox in the US, it was 10 times worse. One would think the best beauty boxes would come out at Christmas :(

  11. nice items !! especially love your eye shadow look =]

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