Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My December Glossy Box

Eventually I received my first Glossy Box. Equivalent to Birchbox(US/UK), Bellabox (AUS) and Lust have it (AUS), Glossy Box provides monthly subscription service on beauty product samples for AUS $14.95 a month.  After reading Tezza's blog post about her November Glossy Box, I made a subscription to Glossy Box instantly.

Somehow my Glossy Box arrived on 23th Dec which was really late and most people received theirs a week prior :( Meanwhile I received 5 to 6 tracking numbers from Glossy Box via email, yet in fact none were valid and related to my subscription :O It left me worry for a whole week :(
I had quite a high expectation. I saw some bloggers received Sally Hansen Mega Shine, Gorgeous lip pencil etc. The moment I opened mine, I experienced a slight disappointment

Let see what were in the box:
1. Auscreen SPF 30+ Everyday Lotion (15ml sample size) - a drugstore brand sunscreen, the small tube size is handy to be carried in handbag :) Sun is fierce in Australia and sun protection is a must!

2. Carmex Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 15 - another drugstore product, Carmex lip balms are well-known as giving pure hydration. I only hope this product is unscented. We'll see hahaa

3. John Frieda Frizz Ease Finishing Cream (30ml sample size)

4. Bed Head Manipulator (57ml full size) - I honestly wont use this product as I have no interest to make my hair ""spike, twist dreads or go punky"" LOL

5. Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer (7ml sample size) - Im glad to receive this product as I do enjoy using Clinique moisturizer :)

6. Clinique In-store offer for a 7 days supply of foundation sample - I went to Myer and DJ in the city, the staffs said they never saw it before and refused to redeem a sample for me :/  Fortunately, a nice guy in Chadstone Myer said the same thing but kindly gave me some sample to try out :) hahaa

7. A broken candy cane :(

I was kinda upset I didnt get a Sally Hansen Mega Shine, Gorgeous lip pencil or a perfume sample, instead I received two drugstore products :( I know I probably shouldnt expect to have all the good things?
I am still hesitating whether subscribe to the next month Glossy Box. For sure it is quite economical to receive products with greater values you paid for. Nonetheless, it is also a waste to pay and receive products not suitable for you.
Mmmm, dilemma