Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Collective Haul (II)

November was definitely a crazy month for me and school work really exhausted me.
But this semester is eventually over and its time for another haul =D

ASOS is one of my favorite sites to browse on even though its server seems quite unstable lately.
I purchased a set of stila lip glazes and also a NARS blush trio. Yeah! my first NARS product (: It includes Organsm, Albatross and Laguna which are the best selling shades of NARS. I do like the trio very much and its a really good buy.

Another purchase from ASOS - I have lower ambition this time.
RIMMEL Lasting Finish 25 hours - It is emilynoel83's favorite foundation and Im interested to know how good it is (: ! It is interesting that a majority of drugstore foundations sold in europe/asia come in glass bottle and pump but not in America, e.g. this Rimmel one, maybelline foundations etc.
Barry M Lip glosses and lip stick, the shades are beautiful and Im planning to write a blog post devoting into Barry M lip products (: is a website I discovered recently and I recommend it to you girls!
Even though it doesnt have a wide selection of products, delivery is highly efficient (I received my parcel in about 7 days) and gift wrapping is available for selected products. 
I got my Garnier soothing toner, which is my favorite toner, a Lancome lipstick and foundation as well as a Maybelline superstay foundation. Happy happy (:

Last but not least, my little purchase from Beauty in the sky! Her business card is really lovely.
I got a Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick in Bronze as well as Guerlain eye shadow quad.

I know Black Friday and Cyber monday was just over. Happy shopping everyone (:


  1. They look expensive to get! O:

  2. AH You've inspired me to shop! Such gorgeous products, really interested in the Stila glazes

  3. looks like some awesome goodies you got! I would love to try the Bobbi Brown!!

  4. Such a good haul! I've never bought cosmetics from ASOS before (plenty of clothes though haha). Love your blog :D

  5. The products you picked up are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more about the lip glazes and the blush especially. :]

  6. i love brown eyeshadows on the eyes! those bobby brown shimmer sticks look so great. keep in touch ;)


  7. I've seen those Stila lip glosses everywhere~! They seem popular but I agree, I don't like that applicator >< Great haul~! :-)

    xoxo tifuani

  8. I love your blog, it's beautiful and unique! You really inspire me to improve my own blog as I am a brand new blogger. It would be amazing if you could check it out and follow me if you have the time :)
    I'm following you, keep up your hardwork!!
    Belle xx -

  9. That's a great haul! Love the Stila lip glazes. The range of colours look great. Never knew Barry M's lippie stuff were good. Look forward to reading your review :)

  10. Nice haul! I wanna buy NARS cosmetics buuuu~

  11. great haul!!
    lots of great products that i would like to try too :)

  12. Ahhh the NARS blush trio!! What a smart thing for NARS to do! I agree that it's a really good deal because you're getting all 3 of NARS most popular colors in one! w/ out paying full prices for each hehe (: & Since you don't need TOO much of albatross and laguna, it's really good ^^

  13. By the way, I've tagged you in a 11 Question post~ Hope you check it out~ ^o^

  14. Awesome haul!!! :D
    I hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year spent with loved ones.

    I hope all has been well. :) xxxxxxx

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