Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Collective Haul (I)

Long time no see =D hehe, I know I disappeared for  months but I actually still havent finished my exam yet *cry* I cant wait n wanna share with u what I got in a month. 
(I just spent way too much and IM SOOOO BROKE now :(  haha )

yeah, I eventually got an iphone 4S. I needa be honest - Iphone is 100x better than HTC. 
Better camera, shorter time to fully charge the battery, higher sensitivity in typing.
Im really happy with it n I dont think any other cellphone could attract me in short term =)!

I also had a little haul from, I didnt get much but these stuffs actually cost me over $75 :S
Though Im never a fan of paper mask, my skin just gets a bit 'dry lately and needs some hydration. I used My beauty Diary masks before and didnt see much result, hopefully Ill have better luck with these two brands =)
And I found EOS lip balm on SASA. How exciting it is!

I love Ebay! Living in Australia means having little choices in products and suffering from high RRP n high tax, so Im pretty used to going on Ebay and get products with wide selection n mostly relatively low price* I just received two parcels, and more are on the way =)

let start off with the good one
Wet n Wild Color Icon 8 Eye shadows palettes

I paid US$9 for each palette and $5.5 for combined shipping. Sometime sellers on Ebay charge an exorbitant amount for shipping and its really annoying! But I know this seller didnt earn a penny from shipping coz the stamp showed the fee was actually US$6.5 which was even higher than what I paid her :S And the delivery was fast, it only took about 4 to 5 days! A+!

The palettes were securely wrapped n arrived safely. These eye shadows really conduct excellent pigmentation and I hugely love the 738 COMFORT ZONE <3 the color combination is versatile, you wont mess up even if you just pick 3 random colors n use them. I wholeheartedly recommend this seller n the palettes <3 hehe

The Bad One
From: Jenjen12jen
First, the seller was not really nice =( As I purchased multiple items, I sent an email n asked her to combine shipping fees for me (coz somehow ebay didnt adjust the shipping fee automatically). She didnt even check what I purchased n just replied quite discourteously. That didnt give me a very good impression but I thought 'I do not care about much CS as long as the products are good'.

I received some eye shadows and they are good =) But I had some issues with the lipstick
The product was listed as a brand new item but I suppose you can tell from photo it is obviously USED!!!!
Her page didnt state any return policy or information. Considering it only cost $4 plus most sellers require buyers to pay for delivery fee if exchange/ return products, I didnt ask for exchange and only left a negative feedback on Ebay.
ok, I kinda understand reputation is fairly important for sellers, then she sent me another one
"I might have chipped/ smudged it when checking it"
Thats the part really driving me nuts. I guess you wont draw the product on ur lips while checking, right? But the lipstick I received has lip lines on it? I swear to god that it had been used by sb before I received it. There is no reason for me to weaver a lie coz I have no intention to ask for refunds.
As a customer, I could have understood n accepted it if she just told me that she sent a wrong/used product to me accidentally. 
I just hate to be treated as if Im making troubles n inconsiderate. Now Im sure I will never purchase anything from her in future.


  1. what you did was right,the seller is very rude for sending you those messages >.<

  2. Oh, that's horrible! I think it's stupid that buyers get feedback on ebay.. it makes me uncomfertable. It's not like the sellers won't sell to you anyway! You did the right thing leaving negative feedback, a used lipstick that's kind of disgusting. If she smudged it by accident she should have replaced it right away, not send it out.

  3. ugh i hate it when they full ask you not to leave negative comments, its like... UM YOU DESERVE IT!
    just give her a bad rating.

    and with your iphone4s, im sooo tempted to get it just cos it has siri haha! i have a galaxy 2 thers no point XD

  4. Aww some people can be so stupid! That's the thing I hate with eBay, you never know who who will stumble upon. I don't think I've had bad experiences on eBay (yet) but I think I would have done the same thing and left negative feedback!

  5. Wow so many goodies!
    I want to try those eyeshadows so bad!!!
    I've seen the swatches of them... amazing!

  6. breakingrumours: yeah, not often see 'western' seller is that brusque :/

    CC: really unhappy to receive a used lipstick :(

  7. Tezza: hahaa, siri is actually kinda retarded and it cant search for places/location outside US :(

    GABY: you are so lucky and hopefully you wont experience any bad seller =)

    arsyparsy: hehee, go on ebay and they are actually quite cheap =) I think CRUSH cosmetics is having 20% on wet'n'wild products, worth taking a look =)!

  8. Awww thank you for sharing!!!!
    I want to buy a couple :')

  9. I crave an iPhone so bad :( it sucks that your had a bad experience with the seller but she definitely deserved the review, used lipstick is revoltingggg. but the palattes look really good! hehe I think I'm addicted to following awesome asian bloggers :P

  10. Yeey The camera of the new iphone is so amazing! :) that already makes it so worth the money ^^

    Such lovely buys! Those masks look so nice ^^

  11. Nice haul, except for the dang ebay seller! She had no right to complain if she isn't going to provide better service and cover for the exchange shipping fee etc. Hope you enjoy that iphone though! :D If you like purikura, check out the app Princess Cam. I did a blog post about it here if you are interested:

  12. Wooow many stuffs! And that seller is really suck.. ><

  13. Wah, nice haul ! So jelly of your iPhone XD

    but omg that's the worst seller =_=;;...

  14. awww that sucks about the ebay seller! but hopefully you wont encounter a person like that on ebay again :)

    J <3

  15. Wow!..Great hauls..^_^..

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog..Really appreciate your sweet comment..I follow your blog..^_^..

  16. Aww! You got iPhone 4s, awesome! Those are great hauls. And yeah, the lipstick totally looks like it has been used. Love your blog btw.

    I'm following you, dear. I'd be flattered if you could follow me too :)
    Pose Posh Post

  17. yikes the lipstick was used?? that's like my worst nightmare lol! i guess i trust places like sasa more often than ebayers :t


  18. "Living in Australia means having little choices in products and suffering from high RRP n high tax.." I so agree!

    Anyway, I just dropped by to say thank you for commenting on one of my posts and following. Made my day hehe ^^ I am curious on how you found my blog? LOL no one knows about it cos I'm just starting out.

    Regardless, I'm very thankful for your support :] Hope you don't get discouraged as my blog isn't so much about fashion/beauty >.>


  19. Disappointing to know the seller sold you such products and reacted so poorly to your negative feedback! SHEESH, some people out there >_<"
    I've always been super curious about the EOS lipbalms! I dont know where to purchase them from in Aus though haha

    thanks for your comments on my blog :)

  20. oh!.. i own an online shop too and i really really treasure my customers, i always gave them the best quality i can.. hope that seller stops using her own and i think cosmetics like lips stick is a NO NO for a second hand..

  21. that is extremely horrible! ergh how annoying is that... that is like the only pet peeve I have with online shopping.
    Other than that, I love the iphone too, and I see you purchased the EOS lipbalm. :) It didn't really hydrate my lips though :\ haha

  22. Okay, I think it is your fault too for not asking her before leaving the feedback but no matter what, she should not have used that 'tone' with customers. =/

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