Monday, June 20, 2011

My perfect neutral/nude - Prestige Lipstick (Champagne)

Bright red or vibrant purple is fun, but a nice neutral color is a must have in collection. It might be kinda similar to original lip color but better. For me, this prestige lipstick is my perfect neutral. Prestige is one of my favorite drugstore brands (its total intensity eyeliner is awesome!!!). 

Yeah, the packaging is kinda... hideous? But the product is GOOD =D! The shade seems so dark on the tube and normally I wouldnt pick up colors like this but fortunately I did =D

HAHA.. I got a big n round face *sad*
The color is really pretty, just a neutral color with a slight salmon tone.
Its not far from my natural lip color. of coz, a better version
The texture is not creamy but it goes on smoothly with lipbalm underneath it

Outfit of the day
I love crop top ♥ I was wearing a grey crop top with a big black star on it* cute
It was actually quite windy in Melbourne, so I did wear a big jacket when I went out.

Again* talk to you girls soon XOXO


  1. It does look like the perfect nude lip color. It's very natural.

  2. that is a really nice everyday color! :)
    and i love how u have instructions for a ti-calculator as ur background for the first pic hahaha :) i remmeber using that calculator when i was in high school~ but obviously ur using it for something more advance!

  3. Lol yeah the packaging is kind of ugly but what matters is that the product is good rite? XD
    Anyway the color looks lovely on you :D

  4. The colour looks sweet on you. I don't think you have a big, round face at all :)

    Btw, I used the TI-83 back in college (Pre-U), too hehe

  5. it looks really good on you! the outfit and the lipstick (:

  6. EveryDay Makeup blog: yeah, I like this one very much. an important thing is: it isnt too nude and makes me look like a dead person LOL

    MEOW: hahaa, Im using TI84+, actually for my uni sub(statistics) LOL Love this cal!

    baby.xi: true XD

    Joey: thanks sweetie <3 Im using TI84 even I dont know wt difference between 83 and 84 LOL

    cocoabee: thanks dear <3

  7. you look so cute :) i knew it that was stats as your background!!!!thanks for commenting on the jeans post! :D hahaah your momma is so cute,i wished my mom would have done so when she saw me cutting my jeans XD

  8. omg, i really like this shade of lipstick. I also really like Mac's Hug Me too. I may have to pick this up now. I love love love colors that are my lips but better...