Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday gifts for myself

Woohoo, I have just finished my exam today! 
All the assignments, studies and works kept me really busy, eventually first semester is OVER!!
And I have time to blog now =D! I have whole lots of pics wanna post on! WAIT FOR ME =D!

Today Im gonna show the earrings I got.
Its like a 'tradition' to get myself some jewellery pieces for birthday. 
(well, the expensive stuffs like gems, gold and diamonds are normally given by my mum/ relatives though)
Last year I got pearls and this year I got these
They are all made of sterling silver and [inexpensive] gemstones
Undoubtedly there are much finer jewellery in market, these are fairly good quality and pretty for the price

aquamarie is one of my favorite colors
I used to have a pair of Aquamarie earrings but I lost one of them =(
The pair I bought this time is made of natural blue topaz, which has similar color as aquamarie for much cheaper price =D!

Can you see that? I dont use photoshop effect for all my photos, but the earring just gives radiant shine itself
Really beautiful <3 I dont regret buying it!

The second pair I got is made of peridot. The olive green color is magnificent.
this pair is actually not as pretty as the blue topaz one because the gemstones are smaller and less pure (even though the silver frame is more detailed)
The price of these earrings is only half of the blue topaz one >_< so... I felt I had to get them home LOL

The hooks and frames are really detailed and nicely made. Love these earrings =)!!

When I was younger, I preferred getting cheap jewellerys because I could get like 10 different cheap pieces for the price of a pricey jewellery. But Im older now, I kinda understand why my mum's philosophy - quality > quantity + only getting the best one for your budget.

This is a really short post , I still have heaps of pics on my laptop and wait for me to post on the blog though
Talk to you girls real soon! Have a nice day everyone XOXO


  1. thank you dear =D I think the earrings are lovely too <3

  2. lovely earrings, i love both! :)

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  3. CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR EXAMS! :)I'll be so happy when I'm in that position , I have 3 to sit through, but I'm totally thinking about the holidays already :)

    & also the earrings are gorgeous. Nice jewellery is definitely a worthwhile investment though , they're just so timeless and classic! Now if only I had the cash to splurge on them.. :P

    ps im not a big twitter user, but following you :)

  4. Aww, I love those earring and Aquamarie is one of my favourite too1 <3 Followed you on Twitter. Follow me too k :P @JustMeggiEssa

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  5. Pretty colors!! I just got myself a sapphire with tiny diamonds for my bday !! :)) love blue color earrings! haha!
    Oh, i just added picture of Mythology, kinda simple look for summer.

  6. those earrings are so cute xxx

  7. the earrings are so shiny and cute! welcome to twitter hun :D

  8. Cute earrings :)

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