Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From Sajida's blog sale =D!

Last month I found some beautiful gems from Sajida's blog sale.
I received a parcel a week after, on my birthday! It was like a surprise. =D

Sajida is so generous and she packed 7 free samples along with my purchase. 
Really a great thank to her kindness 

Innisfree marble highlighter
The highlighter is compressed n molded as a lovely rose (or camellia?)
Even though I have no idea what the purpose of the purple/red part, the powder is finely milled and gives a luminous white shim. I think its quite a good highlighter, better than MAC I think (since the shimmer of MAC MSF are not fine enough and I could see them on my face -_-) I use this product as  eye shadow occasionally and it works well =D

NARS Eyeshadow Duo (Blade Runner) 
Honestly, the color combo instantly reminds me of CHRISTMAS  LOL
- Forest green with extremely fine lime shimmer
- Mahogany with pink shimmer (even though im not a fan of red-tone brown)
I love this duo! the eyeshadow powder is extremely fine and 'creamy'. it goes on incredibly smoothly and pull off the color effortlessly. Apart from the packaging and RRP, everything is perfect!

I took this pic at the first time I used it. Absolutely loving the green, I think its one of the prettiest eyeshadow I have seen =D!

NARS Eyeshadow Duo (RAJASTHAN 
 This palette is kinda a hit and miss for me. I was attracted by the blue since it looked so gorgeous in photo. but when i received it, the gold color is the one really amazing!

- blackish blue with fine lime shimmer, it definitely needs a base under it, otherwise the pigmentation could be quite poor
- light beige bronze with shimmer, it is absolutely stunning on eyelids and different from anything I have. quite a special eye shadow shade! it could be frosty and intensive depending on how you apply it

NARS Eyeshadow Duo (ISOLDE
The frosty ginger color (left) was broken when I received my parcel *sad* but I really like that shade and I just pressed it myself (without using alcohol). rubbing alcohol costs $10 for 400ml here =_=... 1. it doesnt worth $10 for me... a cheap bottle of sparkling or sauvignon blanc only cost $5,6... of coz u cant use it for pressing eyeshadow LOL    2. I dont need 400ml, its too much =_=      back to topic, both eyeshadows have red undertone

- frosty ginger, I love this color and it is kinda similar to MAC melon pigment
shimmering copper, the color is too red but it could be an amazing color for fall =)!

It was the first time for me to put on glue on nails. I love them, the lace pattern with beads is really lovely. Yet, frankly, the glue is sooo devastating to my real nails... Tell you a funny thing - one of my glue-on nails popped out while me driving. and the guy sitting next to me FREAKED OUT and thought I lost my finger LOL hilarious!


  1. Nice haul. The highlighter is so pretty :) And $10 for rubbing alcohol 0.0 that's ridiculous.
    The glue on nails are so cute. I'm afraid to try on glue on nails and acrylics/gel nails because my mom (does nails) say it'll ruin your real nails.

  2. the blade runner eyeshadows doesn't seem to match at first impression,but it works so well when applied and your blending skills are amazing!

  3. Great haul~~~
    And thanks for your comment, btw yes I was using wig, lol ^0^

  4. great haul, girlie! love the eyeshadow combo!

  5. woww nice haul!~ sad that the last one broke in transit ): what did you end up pressing it with? Rubbing alcohol is so expensive where you live! O: the eyeshadows are really pretty though!

  6. Justin's my boyfriend :P And I'm sorry that you had to see that awful sight of your neighbor.

  7. I can't seem to find rubbing alcohol over here =.= Prolly I haven't been looking hard enough...

    Oh dear, I'd be so sad if a shadow shattered =[ Thank goodness the others arrived intact!

  8. niceeee haul!!! :)

    love ur nails!!

  9. Ooo love your eye make up, so pretty! and i adore your nails too, i've never tried this kind before:)


  10. SO pretty on you!! The NARS e/s are gorgeous!!

  11. What a great parcel...I love blog sales and they are always such a good bargain. I love the look you did with blade runner...most ppl can't pull off a dramatic look but you look fantastic!

    BTW my twitter is maraxiong :)

  12. Huynh: ur mum is right! I stop wearing nail polish or anything after removing the glue on nails. the glue really ruin my nails. Hurt >_<!

    breakingrumours: Thanks dear, it was my first time using it, so maybe I overblend it LOL

    cominica-ai: I love blog sale <3

  13. Rinz: Yeah, Nars really puts the best colors on eyeshadow duo, they are soo pretty <3

  14. mimi: I didnt add anything to press the shattered eyeshadow. I just press it with a plastic film n coin. it might not bond closely but it still works

    Blair: I couldnt find it too, eventually ended up asking the pharmacist -> isopropyl alcohol

    Lottie: thanks love =)

    Chiara: the glue on nails are really lovely, I hope my real nails could be like those >_<

  15. Sher: normally I practice hundred times before i really wearing new makeup out =P

    Rainy Days and Lattes: Nars eyeshadows are really great! worth the price =D!

    Mara: Thanks love =D I have just followed you on twitter =D!

  16. wow! i love your smoke eyeshadow, how did u do that? thanks for dropping by.. followed you :)


  17. Aw wow! That is an awesome package. Those NARS eyeshadows look so amazingly pigmented.

  18. great haul you got there! i love the nails!! ;))

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