Friday, June 24, 2011

Australis Pararazzi Perfect High Definition Eyeshadow (Totally Busted)

The packaging is quite sturdy and nicely made, but as most black makeup packaging, it has a problem of attracting finger prints. The color combination is not boring but still easy to match.

Unfortunately, the color payoff is not as impressive as I expected it to be. All the shades are so shimmery but the eye shadow is quite powdery and lack of pigmentation.

Star white - extremely shimmery and quite a pretty white, not chalky at all
Champagne nude - a bit disappointing becoz it really blends into my skincolor and doesnt show up much. just tons of shimmer...
Barbie pink - very frosty but lovely, not as intense as it is on pan
Eggplant - amazing! I love this color, its really not easy to find a pigmented and pretty purple eyeshadow from drugstore!
Gun metal grey - its alrite, but not really pigmented

The eyeshadow color is really shimmering n not really intense, but wearable though

You might use a base to enhance its pigmentation.

A bit hit and miss, I think the eye shadow is pretty, especially the eggplant purple! I paid $10 for it, not expensive though. But overall its performance is not impressive and I dont love it, wont repurchase it.


  1. It's very neatly designed, the palette. I love all the angles ;) It's pretty on you and the swatches are pigmented :) Too bad you're not loving it that much, at least it wasn't more than $10!

  2. the colors look really pretty on the palette! :) too bad the pigmentation isnt great.. but for $10 thats not too bad :)

  3. the eye make up looks great on you ^^ and nice review! i love the packaging!

  4. The palette design is pretty, like argyle! (: It looks gorgeous on you though, I love the way you blended the shadows on your lid. <3

  5. The design of the palette is pretty creative and the colors are pretty. Too bad the pigmentation isn't that great but the packaging is nice. The eye makeup looks great on you

  6. OMG, the palette looks so prettyy and you too!!
    I love your look, so natural! :D

  7. I wish there were some matte shades in it as well, but that egg plant color is gorgeous.

  8. Wow I love the layout in the pan! Looks really cool! It sucks that the pink isn't as strong but it seems to be that way with a lot of the lighter colours. As for the lv box hee hee it's not a long wallet, my bf would kill me if I got another wallet ><, but stayed tune for the reveal, it should be the next post!

  9. such a pretty palette! I love the eggplant shade the best too, it really brings out your eyes:)


  10. the purple looks awesome with your skin tone! I'll have to copy your look =)

  11. pretty eyeshadows! love your blog! I am know following. Would you mind checking out my blog? xox

  12. thanks for the swatch
    check out my blog

  13. Thanks for your comment and follow :) followed ya back~ I live in Adelaide and it was sooo hot and then there was a cold change to 23 =| So weird. I think we're starting to get crazy Melbourne weather haha.
    Ahh eyeshadow is my downfall. I have no idea how to make it look nice and i feel my tiny asian eye lids are not fun to work with. You look really pretty btw!


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