Monday, May 09, 2011

How close they are - MAC VIVA Glam GAGA + Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick Pink Blush + MAC lipstick A Rose Romance

What does GAGA this word remind you of? pop music? insanity? 
My answer is - MAC VIVA Glam GAGA!
Somebody said that Rimmel Lasting Finish (Pink Blush) was very similar to GAGA.
Im going to show 3 lip products in comparison to GAGA lipstick in this post =D

From Left to Right
SAVVY Lip Jewels (Pink Diamond) - a warm, rosy pink with extremely tiny silver shimmers. its quite similar to GAGA lipstick from the tube but in fact, its really warm color n nth like GAGA lipstick color =( its a nice lipgloss though, works well alone or be on top of pink lipstick
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick (Pink Blush) 
MAC Lipstick A Rose Romance  

SAVVY Lip Jewels (Pink Diamond)
Yeah, Like what I have said, its nothing close to GAGA in fact. But its a nice lipgloss and look great working alone or with other lipstick.

I have to admit it - GAGA this lipstick does not work the best for me. If my skin is paler or my face is shaper, it would look better I suppose? Since the color is really cool n with blue tone, the color is really brought out n eye-catching.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick (Pink Blush)
The color is way less cool than GAGA. The texture of this lipstick could be difficult to work with sometime since I feel its like pastel (too pigmented but wouldnt vary from skincolors). I normally have to top a lipgloss on it. but it does look quite good though

MAC Lipstick A Rose Romance
Pink Blush does look more alike to A Rose Romance even though A Rose Romance is slightly darker.

In conclusion 
I think Rimmel Pink Blush is similar to Mac A rose romance instead of MAC Viva Glam Gaga.

** Dont ask what guys think? I ask couple of my guy friends and they were like color blind and couldnt distinguish any difference from the swatch LOL **

Have a nice day everyone XOXO 

Thursday, May 05, 2011

How close they are - MAC VIVA Glam GAGA + Rimmel Pink Blush + MAC A Rose Romance

Post editing soon!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Discontinued - Maybelline Mineral Blush + French toasts ♥

Mineral cosmetics were so popular few years ago and all brands regardless of from drugstore or department store came up with a bloom of mineral powder products. The trend has faded but I still love some of the mineral makeup I owned. Maybelline Mineral blush is sure to be on my list.

The color is ORIGINAL ROSE which is a lovely pink color with a hint of peachy tone. The color is not bright ande bold but very light and wearable. The golden shimmers in the blush creates a natural glow to skin but the finish is definitely not overwhelming.

Sometime Im just too lazy to spend time putting on tons of makeup. I just use concealer to cover some of my imperfection, dust a thin layer of loose powder/mineral powder and a swipe of blush n lip products.

Even though I dislike loose powder form products, this blush is really lovable =)

EXTRA: French toasts with sweet berry sauce and cream

Monday, May 02, 2011

Lancome eyeshadow quad sample

Lancome product samples are flooding in the market. I currently got a sample quad from a pharmacy with couple dollars. Even though Im not sure whether its real, its not bad to try =)

Lancome Colour Focus Self-Select Quad
The bottom right color really caught my eye and it was actually why I got this quad
Top:: (Left) HoneyMoon,   (Right) Floralesque
Bottom:: (Left) 4Dreaming,  (Right) Lezard

swatch without base: the darker colors are alrite. but that two light color show up nothing!

Sonia Rykiel cream eyeshadow used as base:
 Lezard and 4Dreaming are really awesome 
Again, the light colors are hopeless!

The colors are wearable and used for daily basis (with light hand). I just wore this look to uni =)

Or pat on more colors and its still alrite =)

Conclusion: The color le-www-form-urlencoded
Accept: apuad is not particularly special. Its not bad for couple dollars. But if u have the 88/120 color palette. There is no need to get this quad.
(Feel kinda lucky never wanted/went to get lancome eyeshadow quad =P)

(p.s. the eyeshadow size is just slightly bigger than the 88color palette)

have a nice day everyone XOXO