Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Previously I had a post asking for u girls' opinions on which wallet I should get (between tory burch n Marc By MJ), thank you for everyone who left comments 
I ended up getting the Marc by Marc Jacobs one.

I ordered the wallet from shopbop.com  This company provides free worldwide shipping and promises the good will be shipped within 3 days (even my wallet actually took 4 days LOL)
The price is fairly reasonable, one of the lowest one I have seen =)
The wallet is sold out n no longer listed on the website =P

The wallet was nicely packed.

Little Alex bear: Yeah, mama got a new Marc by MJ wallet 

This wallet is actually quite big and I can put all my junks,  keys and my iphone into it! very convenient though!

This wallet was made by really textured leather and very classic looking
'Marc by Marc Jacobs' is on the Metal plate with the turn lock. 
I put on some top coat to prevent the metal from oxidizing =P

Love every single detail

It has a M at the end of the zip. its cute 

Overall Im quite happy with this wallet. its not fancy but nice and durable which I believe it could last a good few years =)!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

DIY: Blink Blink Hair Comb

I know I have been disappeared again, but last month I was incredibly busy coz of uni & work.
Im soo excited now since I have done all the midterm exams n assignment, and now,
it is the time to have rest n FUN!!!! hangin out with my girls tmr night <3

My friends and I love to make handmade gifts for each other.
Every year we prepare lots of little gifts as a big birthday present*
We are not really materialistic and not demand for luxury brand gifts LOL
and I just deco two hair combs for my fd as part of her birthday gift.
have to think whatelse I can make =)

I really like the pink one* its so girly and cute, hope Step will like it =D!