Monday, March 21, 2011

Volunteer: Return to Terroir @ Melbourne Food & Wine Festival event

14 March 2011, Monday 
It is the day I have been waiting for sooo long, coz I am going to be a volunteer of the Return to Terroir (which was one of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival event). I just put on simple makeup that day.

Light grey-color eyeshadow is nice and suitable for OL look =D

Someone described me in this photo -> very chinese LMAO 

The volunteer T shirt was a grass-green color and the design is quite cute =D
Even though I think white/ other color will be more flattering.

Nevertheless, I dont think I will join the volunteer work next year. If the volunteers are not sophisticated or skillful, it is forgivable since they just kindly spend their time working without any monetary reward. Same principle applies on most volunteer works. But the problem was - staff who got paid (by the venue + the event) were so unprofessional, and the management was kinda chaotic. Nobody told us (the volunteers) what time we could leave. After 5pm, we were there doing our jobs and realized we could leave when we found all the paid staff left.

But I met some really nice people =D some customers came for the wine tasting and shared their experience with me. And the guy from Domaine Pierre Morey (love their chardonnay!) was really kind and friendly, enjoyed chatting with them =)!

16 March 2011 Wednesday
I have been practicing how to draw eyeline, which is so hard for me >_<
first -> I dont have big and pretty eyes
second -> my eyes are not the same but sightly different from each other
third -> I dont have a steady hand
my eyeline seems alright this time =D? Practice makes perfect !!!

Its interesting that I got asked whether Im Korean quite often... I am not Korean LOL
I am chinese, from HK =D

really love this pair of earrings so much =D!! they are big but pretty and eye-catching <3

17 March 2011 Thursday
Purple is definitely one of my favorite colors. 


  1. I love Mondays and Wednesdays make-up :3
    They look really simple and cute ♥

  2. Thanks dear ♥ Less is more =D
    My brother always tease me and say that smoky eyes look like bruises LOL

  3. You are such a beautiful girl! I love you're make-up, very natural (:

  4. Gee, here I was thinking how pretty your eyes were and then I saw:
    first -> I dont have big and pretty eyes
    Lol, well, you do!

    My eyes are actually different too, in both size and shape. Weird right. My right eye is more roundish and slightly larger than my left. The left is more "chinese" and elogated :P

  5. Love both looks but Monday's is so beautiful! The light grey really suits your complexion.

  6. ahhhh pretty ^^ and your skin is looking flawless !!! =D

  7. love the earings! and pretty makeup :)

    and thanks you for your comment on my blog about the lenses, by the way why didn't it work for you?

    i wanted to reply on my blog, but i don't know if you will see that so i replied here xD

    i hope you don't mind, and because you have a interesting blog , i will follow ^^


  8. I like your blog!!! I follow you from spain!

  9. Simple and fresh!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. goodness...your complexion is completely clear and flawless. im jealous :)

  11. goodness...your complexion is completely clear and flawless. im jealous :)

  12. I like your blog!!! I follow you from spain!