Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Revlon Just Bitten LipStain (Passion)+ NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Sweet Heart)

Hey Gals, exam is coming very soon and lately I have been really busy with school work. I didnt post anything last week but finally I have time to give a short review/swatch of two lip products.

First -> I got the new Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Passion=D!! It is a new product in Australia and I only paid $11 to bring it home =D!! 

I have to say the advertisement of this product is really cool. The model's glossy, bright fushia-color lips are very attractive. It also reminds me Lancome was using similar lipcolor and effect in their ad (last year or two years before??) .

Two-ended design

The downside of this product is the packaging. 
1. the lip balm is not retrackable. My one just broke when I put back the cap =_=///
2. The tip does not carry much product. If you have this lipstain, beware of how you store it. You should store it horizontally or the tip side down.

One layer will be a light pink color, but you can get very intense fushia pink if you reapply a few coats on.
It is the photo I have 2 coats on and without pairing with lipgloss.

Then I matched it with Maybelline Watershine Essence(discontinued already). Yet, I frankly think clear gloss will bring the LipStain Passion out a bit more than color gloss =)

I feel myself look like a fly attendant in this photo =D (fly attendants are much prettier, fitter and have smaller face, I know LMAO)...

This lip stain really stainsmy lips and very long lasting! I applied it at 9am before school. When I touched up my makeup at 3pm, the maybelline gloss was gone but the fushia lipstain still showed up very nicely. After 10 hrs, it was still on  my lips. To remove it, I will use the eyes and lips makeup remover as well as lip-scrub -_-!!!

Overall, I think this product is quite interesting. If you wanna change your origin lipcolor but lazy to touch up every few hours, it will be a good choice for you to try =D!

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Sweet Heart) - a very light pink color with extremely frosty effect. It slightly 'bleaches' my lip color and shows up a layer of frost...
Again, I really hate the fruity lolly scent of this lipgloss >_

With Sweet Heart only.

By the way, photos were taken in two days. so I actually changed and used two different foundations. Can anyone see the finish is different? =P?

Monday, October 11, 2010

MAYBELLINE SuperStay Makeup 24HR + Color Sensation Lipstick

Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands. This time I am reviewing two products I currently got my hand on. I am sorry that they are not really current-unveiled products, but they are definitely good products =)

Color Sensation Lipstick (PINK PLEASE)
This lipstick was so popular in US and I saw tons of positive reviews to it. This year it starts being sold in Australia but I could not find this color in pharmacy. Till last month I went to PRICELINE and I found it =D!!

025 PINK PLEASE - a lovely light barbie pink color without any shimmer or glitter and presents the color with glossy shine. The color is a bit similar to RIMMEL Lipstick in 006 PINK BLUSH. Yet, I think Maybelline PINK PLEASE is more preferable because the color payoff is pinky, beautiful but also very wearable.

A tired face after working 10hrs. I really like this lipstick=D

Color Sensation Lipstick (PINK PLEASE)
I got it from a pharmacy with discount =D But I got the wrong color (I didnt try it in counter because I dont like putting tester on face ><) and HONEY BEIGE is far darker than my skincolor. Hence I usually mix it with my lavshuca Foundation. The consistency is lovely and easy to blend. It wont dry out too fast and definitely gives you enough time to blend. 

Goodness, the finish is absolutely gorgeous. It really covers lots of my face blemishes or imperfections. Even though the coverage is pretty high, it doesn't look 'thick' or 'a mask' but everyone said my skin looked so good on that day =D!! It is really long-lasting too. I put it on before I went to work and the face makeup was still perfect when I' back home. 

Three points: high coverage, beautiful finish, inexpensive price =D!

How good it would have been if I had picked up the right color =(? Well, I am just a bit lazy to mix two foundations for right match color ><...

I feel pretty sad that I missed MAC Venomous Villains Collection (CRY)!!
When I went to MYER on friday during work-break, I saw Venomous Villains Collection in MAC counter. The MUA told me the collection was launched on Monday, so lots of products were sold out already, including my wish - Innocence Beware... *cry* *heartbroken*!!!

Friday, October 08, 2010

What I got in September - makeups, magazines, candies, DIOR sunglasses

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof - it is one of the best mascaras I have tried. It keeps the curve separates and volumizes my lashes !! However, it is such a pain to remove it!! It is crazily waterproof and I believe it will still stay on lashes loyally even going to swim or shower,GOSH!

Maybelline Superstay foundation - The color I picked up is way too dark for me =( It may suit me when I get more tanned in summer.

Physician Formula Tinted moisturizer - I used to hate tinted moisturizer so much, but now I kinda like this product. It doesnt have much coverage, but it evens my skin color and gives a nice glow. The color matches my skin well too =)

Max Factor single eyeshadow (107 Burnt Bark)- a shimmery taupe color and I really like this color. Very wearable regardless daytime makeup or night makeup

Maybelline Color sensation lipstick (Pink Please)- I wanted  it for so long and I finally found a ''buy one get one free'' deal at Priceline!! It is a lovely nice pink, and kinda reminds me MAC Angel (but a bit brighter)

Maybelline Color sensation lipgloss (205 sandstone) - it shows up tons of shimmers but not much pigmentation. and it is really a 'skinny tube' and doesnt have much product @_@ even i quite like it, it probably will run out very soon >_<

One of my friends just came back from Hong Kong and I asked her to bring me some Japanese magazines =D!!I got the VIVI September and October. I am soo upset because Jun left VIVI (cry). She is my favorite VIVI girl! her unisex, fashionable style was quite different to typical VIVI models. Love her =( !
I also got VOCE October, but it just has a lot of advertising and most cosmetics inside are not available in Australia =_=

I love Japanese snacks  especially the middle one. Love the peach flavor and the lollies bring me to heaven (LOL), the milk favor one is very good too =D!!

Dior Sunglasses
I already have a pair of Dior sunnies but couple rhinestones on the side fell off and lots of scratch marks are on glasses, so I treated myself a new pair =)
My face is quite round (cry) and the sale assistant said square frame would suit me better. I tried lots of brands but I think this pair suited me the most.
I earn and save up the money myself, therefore I am proud to say 'I can buy what I want =D!!' (of coz it is not an excuse to waste money or buy drugs!)

Monday, October 04, 2010

Minesweeper 1 - Cover girl Smokey Shadow Blast

I got these two eyeshadow sticks from clearance section at Priceline. I was curious because as I remembered, this product just came up last year and it is relatively 'new''.

Why I don't like these eye shadow sticks?
- They crease! Even if you use a paintpot/ eye primer underneath and set the product with powder eye shadow, it does not help and they still crease.
- The black and white one has very poor pigmentation!