Thursday, December 02, 2010

[Review] Pink Brush Set from Ebay

Good tools can make a great difference but they cost.

Recently I purchased a 20-piece brush set from Ebay and the pink color certainly was attractive to me :P

I tossed away the brush roll since it is too crappy.
[[ you know sometime ebay sellers will put a note saying 'thank you for purchase' and dont rate them negatively? They put that note inside the brush roll and the ink transferred onto the surface... awwww. hate it!! (see the pic below -> there is some black lines on the right) ]]

This set contains 5 face brushes,1/2 for lips and the rests are for eyes.
Same as other cheap animal brushes, these brushes do smell.
Washing them before use is definitely a must.

When I was washing them, they shed like crazy!
The bristles were quite sparing, and got even worse after wash.

All the white bristles are really soft and tender, not stiff.
Hence, they work quite good as face brushes. I do hope the bristles were much denser.

There is a pink stippling brush in the set but it really does not have much bristles.
It does not work very good on applying foundation but cream blush =)
The photos above show comparison between the stippling brush and my Everyday Minerals brush
[[the EM one is awesome. Sofe and dense bristles give an air-brush finish. Love it  I think it may be sort of similar to Sigma one? ]]

But for the eye brushes, sorry, they fail.
First, no sponge-tip brush please.
Second, here is the comparison between two cheap brushes I owned and the eye brushes in this set
The Red Earth and Sinful color brushes are far more fuller.

As I said, the white bristles are really soft. It cannot really put on much eye shadow on the lids but the sparse bristles do not work well on blending either. Suck.

This set has two angled eyeliner brushes, a synthetic one and a goat hair one, both are craps.
Compared to the one I have (right), my old angled brush has a fine and sharp edge and works much better to create a perfect line.

In conclusion, I dare not to recommend this brush set.
People in the US can go to ELF, SINFUL COLOR or even WALMARTS to get cheap and good brushes.
But people outside US, like Australia brushes and things are comparably pricey, you can get a good amount of brushes here. even not every brush is nice. [Update: go get real techniques! they are good and cheap!]

Where I got it from: Ebay seller: 09chan
Price: US $16 included postage

Good blending brushes are hard to find, reasonable priced ones are even harder (at least in Australia).
I finally a pretty good one from TARGET and under the brand NAPOLEON

Even it is made of synthetic bristles, it has enough bristle strength to get the job done.


  1. The pink brush looks cute! But too bad the brushes aren't that great..

  2. it looks so cute and adorable.
    it's really sad, that the quality isn't that good...

  3. I love the pink colour but it's unfortunate that some of the bristles fall out badly :/

  4. awww too bad the brushes didn't really work out! :( i guess good quality brushes does come with a price! i really do love my cheapie brushes from ELF and ecotools though ;)

  5. The brushes look so soft! Unfortunately, it looked too good to be true. My sister got me make up brushes from HK when I was in college and I still use them to this day. They're really pretty!

  6. the first one kind of reminds me of P&C b/c of the packaging ^^ It sucks that it doesn't work as well as they look tho :P

  7. Aww thankyou for your comment on my blog!
    ^^ I'm quite enjoying your blog too so please keep up with the good post ^_^

  8. thanks for doing such a great review! I am always looking for brushes and I always wanted to get one like this from ebay..but after your review i'll say no thanks. You review is sooooo detailed !! you have one of the best reviews ever!!

  9. the first one kind of reminds me of P&C b/c of the packaging ^^ It sucks that it doesn't work as well as they look tho :P