Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[Haul] [Review] Max Factor ㊣

All these things only cost me $33 =D! 
promotion -> $5 off each item
voucher -> $10 off
Free Gifts - samples and makeup pouch

(Left) '3 samples + nail polish + makeup pouch' are the free gifts of purchase

(middle) Masterpiece colour precision eyeshadow in Pearl Beige - I saw Bubzbeauty used it in one of her tutorials and I am a big fan of liquid/cream eyeshadow, so I give it a try and it's actually quite nice =)

(Right) False Lash effect mascara + Lip gloss + Dip-in Eyeshadow - they are from this year Christmas Set. I got them @priceline for $25. but I know now it only costs $20 =D!


I was in a dilemma between false lash effect and 2000 calories. eventually I got both =P
but  it does not work as good as I expected.

Max Factor and Covergirl are under the same company, so Last Blast and False Lash Effect are like sisters. No matter the packaging or the brush, everything is so similar besides I got covergirl lastblash (waterproof) 

Somebody are gifted with beautiful long and curly lashes, like MakeupbytiffanyD on youtube. But I am not one of them. My lashes are short and straight pointing down. I needa put a lot effort to curl them up!

False Lash Effect gives a nice volumizing effect but it does not lengthen my lashes. So personally I am not a fan of this mascara. If you have naturally long beautiful lashes and you are looking for a good mascara with excellent volumizing power, you may like this mascara.


I actually dont really like powder form eyeshadow because it is easy to get messy.

The finish is really dazzling and ye-catching but it has very poor longevity. I used Mac paintpot as a base but this eye shadow still wore off after an hour. Totally disappeared.

What cosmetics I've been wearing today


  1. nice lashes~~ it's so hard to find a mascara that we can absolutely love.. ha.. I still have not found it yet

    @ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

    @ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  2. Nice haul! Too bad the Max Factor mascara didn't work out for you.
    The last pic is so cute :D

  3. Great look! Love the haul. I've tried the Max Factor mascara. I love how volumising it is without being too clumpy!

  4. Great haul and look! I don't think I've seen Max Factor anywhere where I live O_O

  5. i used to like maxfactor..but the problem, I hav with the brand is that once I like a color or something and get hooked on the color the color suddenly gets discontinued. it's just not a consistent brand that I try to avoid it. =(

  6. nice haul~ :D I remember that brand was my first mascara ^_^

    and also, those pics are from summer in Korea, that's why they're all in short sleevs ^_^ I'm just posting these really late :P

  7. Hi there! Thanks for commenting my blog post! o(^O^)o

    Well, I don't really know about make-up stuff but I think the mascara looks good on you! (^_~) And I love your duck face in the last picture! You look so pretty~~♥♥♥

  8. They were very cheap! I want to try Masterpiece Mascara

  9. i need to get my own palette too!

  10. hey great haul :)
    that silver eyeshadow looks really pretty!! yea... powder shadow that comes in that form is really messy! i have something similar too.. every time i take the 'stick' out.. i get glitters everywhere!! but the sparkly look makes me all happy :D
    shipping for cherry culture to canada was a bit $ too.. but there was 20% off when i bought the items... so it pretty much covered for the shipping :D and most of the nyx items are pretty cheap.. so it didnt feel so bad

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    i very like it ;*

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  12. never tried MAX factor's mascara and have always been buying maybellines... I love rubber brushes more and I find them so much easier! but so sorry to hear it didn't work for you well :(
    I love the silver shimmer thou!
    Gotta love Priceline stuff :D

  13. I love your makeup from the last pictures! Very refreshing and cute!^^

  14. ooh i love your FOTD and the silver eyeshadow looks nice