Friday, October 08, 2010

What I got in September - makeups, magazines, candies, DIOR sunglasses

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof - it is one of the best mascaras I have tried. It keeps the curve separates and volumizes my lashes !! However, it is such a pain to remove it!! It is crazily waterproof and I believe it will still stay on lashes loyally even going to swim or shower,GOSH!

Maybelline Superstay foundation - The color I picked up is way too dark for me =( It may suit me when I get more tanned in summer.

Physician Formula Tinted moisturizer - I used to hate tinted moisturizer so much, but now I kinda like this product. It doesnt have much coverage, but it evens my skin color and gives a nice glow. The color matches my skin well too =)

Max Factor single eyeshadow (107 Burnt Bark)- a shimmery taupe color and I really like this color. Very wearable regardless daytime makeup or night makeup

Maybelline Color sensation lipstick (Pink Please)- I wanted  it for so long and I finally found a ''buy one get one free'' deal at Priceline!! It is a lovely nice pink, and kinda reminds me MAC Angel (but a bit brighter)

Maybelline Color sensation lipgloss (205 sandstone) - it shows up tons of shimmers but not much pigmentation. and it is really a 'skinny tube' and doesnt have much product @_@ even i quite like it, it probably will run out very soon >_<

One of my friends just came back from Hong Kong and I asked her to bring me some Japanese magazines =D!!I got the VIVI September and October. I am soo upset because Jun left VIVI (cry). She is my favorite VIVI girl! her unisex, fashionable style was quite different to typical VIVI models. Love her =( !
I also got VOCE October, but it just has a lot of advertising and most cosmetics inside are not available in Australia =_=

I love Japanese snacks  especially the middle one. Love the peach flavor and the lollies bring me to heaven (LOL), the milk favor one is very good too =D!!

Dior Sunglasses
I already have a pair of Dior sunnies but couple rhinestones on the side fell off and lots of scratch marks are on glasses, so I treated myself a new pair =)
My face is quite round (cry) and the sale assistant said square frame would suit me better. I tried lots of brands but I think this pair suited me the most.
I earn and save up the money myself, therefore I am proud to say 'I can buy what I want =D!!' (of coz it is not an excuse to waste money or buy drugs!)


  1. Love the haul! Have to agree that this winter was one of the coldest... But glad that spring is already here!! Love the lip stick! I hope price line is still doing that deal!!

  2. ooh that lipstick looks so pretty !! yay for japanese snacks.. soo yummehhh ^_^

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  4. What a great haul, I always wanted to try that Maybelling lipstick, please do a review one day :)

  5. i love your dior sunnies!
    i want those jap magazines, aww
    great haul :)

  6. i love those mags and the haul is wonderful. do review!

  7. Your new sunglasses look so nice! ^^ Great Sept haul :)

  8. I really love the Dior sunglasses!! I think you have earned it =)

  9. I was in HK early this year and brought home a few ViVi, VoCE and other mags. My Chinese isn't that good though!

    The Dior sunnies look great.

  10. great shades cant go wrong w/dior
    come follow xoox