Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dupe for Ralph Perfume - Sex in the city LUST

I know lots of people are obsessed with Ralph Lauren perfume. I did try it and the lovely scent is great for spring and summer. Currently I found a much cheaper perfume but it shares a very similar scent as Ralph's.

The dupe is SEX IN THE CITY - LUST. I didn't expect it to be good. Compared with other perfumes, the packaging of lust is really unattractive and a bit clumsy. Yet, the scent is really similar as Ralph one but this one is slightly lighter and more floral. It is a mixture of magnolia and mandarin. It may not special enough to stand out from the perfume counter,but it is a really nice scent and worth trying.

And it is a 100ml bottle, a huge bottle! I spent $19 on it and I know the cheapest price is $15! The Ralph one is $39 for 30 ml. Sex in the city LUST is obviously a good deal.


  1. oooh what a good bargain!
    I lurve perfume hehe

  2. That is definitely my favorite perfume! :)
    I have to try and look for that dupe then! :P