Thursday, September 30, 2010

I got tagged! 4 things tag =D

Lovely Jennifer tagged me the '4 things tag'. It is a very fun tag =)! 

Let's start!


My lovely little pink wallet. I really like the gold little decoration on it =)!

Don't you think this pink headphone is cute =)!? I love it so much. even it is a bit expensive (US$60), it has really good quality and looks so lovely. I also put some rhinestone on the headphone =D! Since I changed my cellphone and I am not longer using iphone now, I use my iphone as MP3.

Lucas' papaw ointment - pretty much everygirl has one in Australia =) 
I use it as lip balm and sometime on my cuticle.

haha,  I put the rhinestone and decorate it myself =) it is time-consuming but I think it's worth it!! and stitch 's gf is so lovely, but i forgot her name LOL


I am used to putting my passport and small amount of money in  this cash box.
(even I dont really think it gives so much extra 'security' LoL) 

Purin is so cute!!! he is one of my favorite cartoon characters 
it is a reusable hand-warmer inside the pouch =)

Pearls are definitely my favorite jewelry! they are geniune but not really pricy.
Love them 

A bus timetable. I have to go to work in city and bus is the most convenient transport in my area.


I put the drinks I bought in my room. (I live in homestay)
Of cause, white and sparkling wines have to be in fridge =P

It reminds me the Jill Stuart mirror, which is really delicate and phenomenal . My one is not jill stuart and much cheaper, but I think it looks so 'princess'

 This bear has a name 'Alex'. My friend made it for me when I came to Australia 

Actually I got this cute elf-frog for my friend, Step. She loves all the things of 'frog'. So I just bought it for her and will post it to her soon =D! 

Stop being lazy and Work hard for getting good masks! 
 Learn how to swim and ride bicycle
Have billion to spend even not working or getting money from parents LoL
 Have fun and enjoy my life

 Having snacks, especially japanese candy! 
   They have lots of different flavor and taste so good 
Tidy up my room and keep it clean!
Facebook with my dear =)!
 Wine and Starsbucks! (my favorite is caramel frappucino with cream!!)

 I love sleeping! and I can sleep maximum 16 hours =P
 I love singing! even it does not mean I can sing very well =P
 I am really good at making noises like cat and sheep... insane!
I am very stubborn, left and right are always clear for me (even I know sometime there is grey)

 Lion King - A whole new world (Love it, it's a beautiful love song)
 Alicia Keys - If I ain't got you (such a good song! her voice is so unique too)
 Christina Aguilera - Fighter (always remind me to 'fight' !)
 And I am telling you I'm not going (Fabulous! and the vocal has to be really powerful!)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

What makeup I wore these two days + products used

Friday and Saturday are always busy and nights for hanging out =)! Even I dont hang out very often, I love wearing a bit more makeup on in these two days (weird concept LOL). Let see what did I have on this Friday and Saturday =)!!

I am a part-time waitress and normally I put on makeup at 9:30 in the morning and remove it at midnight.
I didnt touch up my makeup before I took these photos at night (too tired after work >.<)

Eye makeup - I used NYX palette to make light 'smoky eye' look with a bit cat-eye effect. I have to say I love MAC Fluidline! it really lasts all day long and never smudge!

This photo actually has a bit over-explosion and make my face looks so pale -.- But I put on some false lashes and they help making my eyes look prettier =)!

Products used
- Jordana eye primer 
- NYX for your eyes only palette (smokey eyes)
- MAC fluidline in black track 
- Amuse white eyeliner
- Rimmel Glam's Eyes Lash Flirt

Work day again! Drained! I did something new today - red lipstick!! I've never used red lip product before and today I tried, actually not bad =P
I took the photos before I went to work this morning.
I think I should use black eyeliner instead of brown. It will be more intense and eye-catching. 
and next time I will put some eyeshadow on since the eyeliner smudged off a bit on my crease.
And my face is much much whiter than my neck in the photos, but in real life it is not. just because I like using sunscreen as primer and it reflected all the light in photograph -_-!

Some customers said my makeup reminded them some Chinese characters in movies. Well, mono eyelid and wearing black-eyeliner + red lipstick , for them, these two things seem basic elements for Chinese @_@?

Products used
- Bourjois concealer stick
- Bourjois healthy mix foundation
- Max Factor loose powder
- Pura blush
- Rimmel natural bronzer
- Bourjois Ombre a paupieres eyeshadow (used as highlight)
- Maybelline brown powder
- Milani Liquif'eye metallic eye liner pencil (brown)
- Maybelline mascara stiletto
- Kate color eyeliner (white and purple)
- heat eyelash curler
- Rimmel moisture renew lipstick (rose passion)
- Maybelline watershine lip gloss

Friday, September 17, 2010

NYX - Color Combinations For Your Eyes Only palette (Smokey Eyes)

This palette contains 10 shades- white, light champagne, five neutral/brown colors, two greys and a coal black. Unfortunately, I really think some of the shades are fairly similar if not identical (2 dark browns & shimmery taupe).

I think the shimmery shades work much better since they are way much more pigmented and easier to blend. Matte shades do not have excellent colour payoff and you do need a primer or base to enhance its pigmentation.

For $7, this palette is okay. However, if you have a lot of eye shadow, I don't think you need this palette in your life and the shades are not distinctive from normal drugstore eye shadow.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Haul - Clarisonic + Magazine free gifts =)!!

I had hesitated to buy Clarisonic a year ago. People just kept saying how clear it could make your skin be, and I always wonder how good it works. But what made me really determine to get it? because Clarisonic is available in Australia now! The price here is so expensive and I started to worry the us website would stop shipping to Australia ><...  So finally I got it =P

I got the Clarisonic Mia. It is the simplest version so only one speed is available.
The pink color is so lovely =)!!

It sent with a 'delicate' version of brush. You can see how fine those bristles are.

I also ordered a sample kit. This orange pouch is so lovely and cute. The pro is that there is a PVC plastic layer inside, so even the packaging of your makeups becomes dirty, it wont mess up the lovely orange dot =)

It included 2 retail (original) size sunblocks, several skincare samples from various brand and also a 20-dollar gift card for next purchase =)!!! The sunblocks are near the expire date, one is October 2010, another is February 2011. I end up using them as body sunscreen instead of face sunscreen...

Now lets talk about the magazine!

The cover girl of BAZAAR this month is my favorite model - Gisele!!!!! Even her face is not extremely pretty, she's just different to other models and she is so cool! (she has a son but her body figure is still amazing!). BAZAAR October also goes with a bottle of Butter nail polish. Butter is a new British brand and I saw it from lollipop26's video. 

When I saw this color, I just decided to get the magazine. It is a taupe color with tons of gold shimmer. Although I havent tried it on yet, it is just so pretty from the bottle =)!!

Finally I got the Prevention magazine. Honestly it is not the type of magazine I used to buy. I got it because of the free Avon 24 hour eye cream (it is manufactured the end of 2009 so it isnt the freebies near the expire date XO)... it's just $6, really a good deal 

Monday, September 13, 2010

OPI - Dulce de Leche

When I was looking for a nude-color nail polish, I found OPI Dulce de Leche. I have to say it is really a tricky color. It looks pretty on bottle but it does not show up the same on very skin colors. 
For fair skin to medium, it turns up a really lovely warm-pinky color.It matches up the skin so well, just like a nude color. However, under sun light, it changes to a light rosy pink color. Really strange but still pretty.
For tanned skin or darker skin, I think it may not be very surprising because the color has a hint of "mauve" and not easy to go with. Fortunately it matches my skin color quite well =)
It actually contains few extremely tiny shimmer inside, which is really tiny that you cannot notice if you dont look at it very very carefully. 
The formula is great and easy for application. Even it is watery, you only need two coats to achieve the color and three coats show up as a entire solid, opaque color.

Let see the swatch =) It pretty nears the real color.

I used Nail Tek II intensive therapy as base coat and no top coat.
In the swatch, it tells two layers of Dulce de Leche already having great pigmentation and it turn up to a lovely, soft pinky nude with a hint of mauve. A lady color.

Compared to opi tickle my france-y, Dulce de Leche has a warm tone and not as "brown" or "taupe".

Sunday, September 12, 2010

False lashes are so amazing!!

all my tinted moisturizer, concealer, highlight, blush, brow powder lasted more than 10 hrs already so everything had worn off when I took these photos. But falsies just brought so much back to my look. Love them

Monday, September 06, 2010

Haul from Cherry Culture!!

Cherry Culture is an American company major selling drugstore inexpensive cosmetics. I bought a few things when it had 20% off promotion last week. I waited for the discount so long and I am sooooo happy with all the things I got =)!

Most of the things I bought this time are from NYX =)!

NYX Color Combinations For Your Eyes Only Palette - I got the Smokey Eyes. really a nice combination of light and dark color =) Then it is the NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Mocha.
I also got the Milani Liquid Eyeliner. There are so many hypes of it online. Cant wait to try it =)!!
The Jordana Eye primer is so inexpensive! hopefully it will work =P

I love NYX lipglosses! They are not sticky but pigmented. This time I bought Sweet heart, Beige and Pink Frost. 
NYX lipsticks - Pumpkin pie, Strawberry Milk, Opal
I got the Amuse lip liner and jordana lipgloss, both were about $1 each =P!

Sinful Color nail polishes become more and more popular. This Queen of beauty is a clear polish with silver glitters. The glitters are really not much. I dont feel it is so special at all~

Arissa eyeshadow - I am going to use it as a highlight =P

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dupe for Ralph Perfume - Sex in the city LUST

I know lots of people are obsessed with Ralph Lauren perfume. I did try it and the lovely scent is great for spring and summer. Currently I found a much cheaper perfume but it shares a very similar scent as Ralph's.

The dupe is SEX IN THE CITY - LUST. I didn't expect it to be good. Compared with other perfumes, the packaging of lust is really unattractive and a bit clumsy. Yet, the scent is really similar as Ralph one but this one is slightly lighter and more floral. It is a mixture of magnolia and mandarin. It may not special enough to stand out from the perfume counter,but it is a really nice scent and worth trying.

And it is a 100ml bottle, a huge bottle! I spent $19 on it and I know the cheapest price is $15! The Ralph one is $39 for 30 ml. Sex in the city LUST is obviously a good deal.