Wednesday, August 04, 2010

OPI and Essie haul + "I'm not really a waitress" swatch

After hearing so many positive comments of OPI and Essie, I ordered a few nail polishes on EBAY. The RRP in Australia is $20 per bottle... The price on Ebay is far cheaper than getting them from counter. I really enjoy this haul and love these polishes so much!!

From Left to Right

Essie 'Lily Pond'
an amazing carnation pink color and quite opaque. Unfortunately, the formula sucks and a bit stringy. It is so hard to paint the color on nails evenly and perfectly.

Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2
Actually I was going to buy the Foundation from Nail Tek but I picked up the wrong one... Whatever ><... I used it as a bast coat and it dried on my nails quite rapidly. The following nail polish color stays on well. So it works well on being a bast coat =) My nails don't really have serious problem, just always split when I try to grow them longer. Hopefully this product can help =)

OPI I'm not really a waitress
It is a lovely vibrant red color with shimmer. Before I got it, I read some reviews online and lots of people complained it did not suit 'yellow skin undertone'. As a asian, I believe this opinion is pretty much one of the worst. But now, I feel lucky I ignored those comments since I really love this color and work quite well for me. I got quite a lot of compliments about it =)


OPI Dulce de Leche
a light peachy brown color and Dulce de Leche is definitely a lovely color. The formula is great and really easy to apply it evenly on my nails.

Where I got it?

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