Thursday, August 19, 2010

Diva Accessory (I) - Pixie Connector Ring

Connector-ring is so popular in US this year.
But it is pretty hard to get one in Australia unless you are willing to pay much for it.

I eventually got my one from DIVA, well, a local jewelry store.
I didnt get it when I first saw it. Then I went to Diva again but it was gone >0!
So I just bought it directly when I found it again =)
Its not really expensize, approximate AU$15 =P!

it has "Pixie" and a little elf. Pixie loves pixie ring =D!

Even the size is actually a bit larger for me (I got small size), I still love it.
Isnt it so cute with my honey Alex (L) =D!


  1. hello :) thanks for following my blog and leaving a comment!
    i see you're from australia too? awesome :D
    love the ring hehe
    looking forward to your future posts here


  2. thanks for commenting! that's a cute ring connector!

  3. o0o0o lala! i like that ring!!!

  4. just read your comment on my recent blog post
    lol we must have very very similar taste ;)

  5. o0o0o lala! i like that ring!!!