Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NYX round lipsticks - Watermelon, Tea Rose, Fig

The round lipsticks I got this time are Watermelon, Tea Rose, Fig. 
(purchased from

It is lovely peachy orange color with lots of golden shimmer. The colour payoff is not great and you might need to layer up to enhance the pigmentation. Probably due to its shimmery finish, it is relatively less creamy than others. 

Tea Rose
It is very difficult to photograph this lipstick since the colour changes slightly in every photo. I had seen quite a few swatches before I purchased it but it still came out different from what I expected. I would describe as a peony pink and it is quite similar to FIG besides it is warmer. It does not compromise my skin well since it accentuates my yellow tone very much and it is simply not flattering. 

A bright hot pink.

This photo is really near the true colors.

From left to right: Watermelon, Tea Rose, Fig

What I think about NYX round lipsticks -
They have excellent colour payoff! The swatch is pretty much identical to the tube. The texture is quite creamy and rich. Yet, an interesting thing I found is that using lip balm with high lanolin/ petroleum jelly will make the application quite 'gooey'. A light lip balm does work better with NYX lip balm :)

Where can I get NYX?
Ebay (more expensive though)

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