Wednesday, December 22, 2010

believable fake tan - LAURA GELLER balance-n-brighten

Honestly, it was not the thing I supposed it to be. Before I bought it, I was going to use it as pressed powder or foundation in everyday basis. I am disappointed as it is not what I expected. But on the other hand, it creates an incredibly natural but tanning effect for my skin, which is good sometime if I want my skin to look tanned (even not for every day at all)
yep, Love and Hate

In fact, its really difficult to get the product in even color and I have to spend so much time blending~_~

Here is the ingredient list if anyone is interested to know

It does create beautiful glowing effect, and enchant your pretty skin (if you have it). Again, it is lack of any coverage. People looking for high coverage foundation could save money from no getting this product.

the tanning effect is incredibly natural and believable. It doesnt look like bronzer or spray-on fake tan but as if a sun-kissed skin. 

The photos did not really capture the real color and my face looks much tanning than it is in the photos.

It will work great for you, if you have
- darker skin than I do, use it as daily foundation
- people loves beautiful sun-kissed skin but lazy to use multiple products 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[Haul] [Review] Max Factor ㊣

All these things only cost me $33 =D! 
promotion -> $5 off each item
voucher -> $10 off
Free Gifts - samples and makeup pouch

(Left) '3 samples + nail polish + makeup pouch' are the free gifts of purchase

(middle) Masterpiece colour precision eyeshadow in Pearl Beige - I saw Bubzbeauty used it in one of her tutorials and I am a big fan of liquid/cream eyeshadow, so I give it a try and it's actually quite nice =)

(Right) False Lash effect mascara + Lip gloss + Dip-in Eyeshadow - they are from this year Christmas Set. I got them @priceline for $25. but I know now it only costs $20 =D!


I was in a dilemma between false lash effect and 2000 calories. eventually I got both =P
but  it does not work as good as I expected.

Max Factor and Covergirl are under the same company, so Last Blast and False Lash Effect are like sisters. No matter the packaging or the brush, everything is so similar besides I got covergirl lastblash (waterproof) 

Somebody are gifted with beautiful long and curly lashes, like MakeupbytiffanyD on youtube. But I am not one of them. My lashes are short and straight pointing down. I needa put a lot effort to curl them up!

False Lash Effect gives a nice volumizing effect but it does not lengthen my lashes. So personally I am not a fan of this mascara. If you have naturally long beautiful lashes and you are looking for a good mascara with excellent volumizing power, you may like this mascara.


I actually dont really like powder form eyeshadow because it is easy to get messy.

The finish is really dazzling and ye-catching but it has very poor longevity. I used Mac paintpot as a base but this eye shadow still wore off after an hour. Totally disappeared.

What cosmetics I've been wearing today

My Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bags

You may not think longchamp le pliage tote bag is trendy, but the design is definitely classic. I ordered two longchamp tote bags online and get my name embroidered on them, Lovely =)!

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag (long handle) - Small - Deep Red - 14.5W x 9.5H x 5.5D
The size is perfect for day-to-day use. I can fit all my miscellaneous stuff inside it, e.g. wallet, planner, ipad, cellphone, makeup bag, water bottle, and still have lots of space left.

I also chose to embroider my name on it. The color is New Gold. The font size is a bit too big for this small bag, but it is still very special :)


Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag (long handle) - Large - Praline
Praline was a limited shade for 2010 Autumn collection and it is no longer available. Before I ordered it, I tried to search the photo online but there was nothing at all. So I am the first one to review it :D !

Praline, is a light chocolate brown color but not a true warm praline colour. It is not a very eye-catching color but goes well with anything.

The size of it is HUGE!!! Yep, HUGE! 19W x 12H x 7.5D
I ususally use it for uni since I can fit textbooks, laptop and all my bits n pieces in it.

I got it embroidered with the color - White.

Overall, I quite enjoy using Longchamp Le Pliage Tote. The bag is light weight and you can fold it flat for storage. It also has a nylon layer inside, so it performs a degree of water-resistance. However, the corners wear off a bit with uses but it is completely natural.

Because the bag is foldable and light, the base of the bag is quite soft. When you put your things inside, the base kinda 'collapses' and the bag just lose its shape. I simply put a plastic board from other purse on the base to maintain its shape and volume.

Where i bought it?
It offered 20% off discount so I got quite a good deal =)!

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Current favorite - Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick [06 Rose Tendre]

Its true that I have an explainable obsession with this lipstick, like the love at first sight.

When I first saw it in Priceline, I just picked it up and went straight to the cashier.

On hand, its a peachy pink color and I think it achieves the perfect balance in peach and pink.
The lipstick is actually a semi-matt finish, of course you can add some lipgloss to make your lips look glossy. And the texture of this lipstick is not really moisturizing, it will enhance all you lip-line unless you apply lipbalm first (Dont be lazy pls =] ).

 I have gotten so tanning even now it is only the beginning of summer >_<
I have to say the color on lips is not as pretty as on hand. But I do really like this lipstick.


I have a part-time job as a waitress. Its an extremely tiring job X[ !

But one day I found this little note on a table. There were two girls sitting on that table and They wrote it on the back of their cheque =D! Cool

Thursday, December 02, 2010

[Review] Pink Brush Set from Ebay

Good tools can make a great difference but they cost.

Recently I purchased a 20-piece brush set from Ebay and the pink color certainly was attractive to me :P

I tossed away the brush roll since it is too crappy.
[[ you know sometime ebay sellers will put a note saying 'thank you for purchase' and dont rate them negatively? They put that note inside the brush roll and the ink transferred onto the surface... awwww. hate it!! (see the pic below -> there is some black lines on the right) ]]

This set contains 5 face brushes,1/2 for lips and the rests are for eyes.
Same as other cheap animal brushes, these brushes do smell.
Washing them before use is definitely a must.

When I was washing them, they shed like crazy!
The bristles were quite sparing, and got even worse after wash.

All the white bristles are really soft and tender, not stiff.
Hence, they work quite good as face brushes. I do hope the bristles were much denser.

There is a pink stippling brush in the set but it really does not have much bristles.
It does not work very good on applying foundation but cream blush =)
The photos above show comparison between the stippling brush and my Everyday Minerals brush
[[the EM one is awesome. Sofe and dense bristles give an air-brush finish. Love it  I think it may be sort of similar to Sigma one? ]]

But for the eye brushes, sorry, they fail.
First, no sponge-tip brush please.
Second, here is the comparison between two cheap brushes I owned and the eye brushes in this set
The Red Earth and Sinful color brushes are far more fuller.

As I said, the white bristles are really soft. It cannot really put on much eye shadow on the lids but the sparse bristles do not work well on blending either. Suck.

This set has two angled eyeliner brushes, a synthetic one and a goat hair one, both are craps.
Compared to the one I have (right), my old angled brush has a fine and sharp edge and works much better to create a perfect line.

In conclusion, I dare not to recommend this brush set.
People in the US can go to ELF, SINFUL COLOR or even WALMARTS to get cheap and good brushes.
But people outside US, like Australia brushes and things are comparably pricey, you can get a good amount of brushes here. even not every brush is nice. [Update: go get real techniques! they are good and cheap!]

Where I got it from: Ebay seller: 09chan
Price: US $16 included postage

Good blending brushes are hard to find, reasonable priced ones are even harder (at least in Australia).
I finally a pretty good one from TARGET and under the brand NAPOLEON

Even it is made of synthetic bristles, it has enough bristle strength to get the job done.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Haul] Skincarerx again. unpleasant experience this time

Im back with another haul  =D! Nothing makes me happier than spending money =P
This time I ordered some products from Skincarerx. 

1. Laura Geller Bright-N-Balance

1. Bobbi Brown Brushes
* Bobbi Brown Eye Smudge Brush

* Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush
I used to think all the eyeliner brushes work the same. But this brush really changed my mind!
The synthetic bristles take just right amount of gel eyeliner. The pointy tip of the brush enable you to draw a super fine eyeline but you can also draw eyeline with various thickness by adjusting which way the brush is used. 

3. Shiseido Facial Cotton

4. Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy (Lavender)

4. Samples

I had never received any sample or free gift from online store before. I was so happy to get those free samples and have the chance to try some products I am not familiar with =D

BAD Products
1. M2 HP Skin Refinish 20%
When I received the product, I was freaked out! 
This product did not have any packaging with it. no any paper box or plastic box, even no plastic sealing tape to ensure the product is new/unopened. 

I am really skeptical about whether it is new. It gave me a feeling that it was a tester in shop since its just so messyyyyy!!  Or they just think I am an international customer and I will not exchange or refund it, so they sent me a lemon? Totally Disappointed!! 

3. Postage
The postage cost is exorbitant and it cost $30 this time! My last order weighted much heavier than this one and it only cost $23 last time. 
I honestly have no idea how it worked and how come the same size package with lighter weight cost more?? 

4. No Reply
The M2 lotion really pissed me off so I left the message on the website about that lotion and also the postage problem. Yet, I have not gotten any response after a month . 

Well, I dont really think I will order from this website again!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm back =D!!! Haul!

my dear gals ♥ I am back =D!!!

My exam actually ended last week but I am really busy at work >_<
Well, needa earn money for Christmas !!!! Everyone is waiting for Christmas and has a crazy 
shopping =D!!
All the promotion and discounts are driving me insane!!

I had some photos taken during the exam period and was going to post them on blog...
But my laptop crushed twice in 3 days and I lost all the photos + documents **cry**

Now its time to share my haul =D!! I didnt get lots of stuffs in fact
huhuuu* still have a month before Christmas =P

1. T2 Chai tea ($12.5) - I am actually not a fan of chai tea but I dont really wanna drink so much 
coffee during holiday (dont really needa be really sober LOL)

2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Set ($103 after discount @ Myer) - I know it will be even cheaper after 
christmas, but i just dont wanna wait >< The original price was $120 and I got 15% off, 
so its actually not bad =D! This set contains a 100ml Eau De Toilette, body butter and a 
perfume stick

I didnt know it had glitters in the solid perfume. When I twisted off the lid, I was amazed since 
its so cool =D!! I feel myself dont really wanna use it now since it is so cute >_

And I also got this tote bag as a free gift =D!! A really lovely bag and really suitable for school!
So, $103 for all these things I got is actually really not pricey at all (comfort LOL)

3. MAC VIVA GLAM LadyGaga Lipstick ($25 after gift voucher @Myer) - I know I am pretty late
 I finally got the LadyGAGA Lipstick XD and it is really a beautiful color!! 
I cant really find a liptick I had which is similar to this vivid, cool pink color =D!! 
It really becomes my current favorite lipstick  

I have other hauls which will be posted soon* Ohohhh* Time to earn $ for Christmas!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Revlon Just Bitten LipStain (Passion)+ NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Sweet Heart)

Hey Gals, exam is coming very soon and lately I have been really busy with school work. I didnt post anything last week but finally I have time to give a short review/swatch of two lip products.

First -> I got the new Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Passion=D!! It is a new product in Australia and I only paid $11 to bring it home =D!! 

I have to say the advertisement of this product is really cool. The model's glossy, bright fushia-color lips are very attractive. It also reminds me Lancome was using similar lipcolor and effect in their ad (last year or two years before??) .

Two-ended design

The downside of this product is the packaging. 
1. the lip balm is not retrackable. My one just broke when I put back the cap =_=///
2. The tip does not carry much product. If you have this lipstain, beware of how you store it. You should store it horizontally or the tip side down.

One layer will be a light pink color, but you can get very intense fushia pink if you reapply a few coats on.
It is the photo I have 2 coats on and without pairing with lipgloss.

Then I matched it with Maybelline Watershine Essence(discontinued already). Yet, I frankly think clear gloss will bring the LipStain Passion out a bit more than color gloss =)

I feel myself look like a fly attendant in this photo =D (fly attendants are much prettier, fitter and have smaller face, I know LMAO)...

This lip stain really stainsmy lips and very long lasting! I applied it at 9am before school. When I touched up my makeup at 3pm, the maybelline gloss was gone but the fushia lipstain still showed up very nicely. After 10 hrs, it was still on  my lips. To remove it, I will use the eyes and lips makeup remover as well as lip-scrub -_-!!!

Overall, I think this product is quite interesting. If you wanna change your origin lipcolor but lazy to touch up every few hours, it will be a good choice for you to try =D!

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Sweet Heart) - a very light pink color with extremely frosty effect. It slightly 'bleaches' my lip color and shows up a layer of frost...
Again, I really hate the fruity lolly scent of this lipgloss >_

With Sweet Heart only.

By the way, photos were taken in two days. so I actually changed and used two different foundations. Can anyone see the finish is different? =P?